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User-generated content (UGC) empowers discovery. It’s more important than ever for retailers to get more content on their e-commerce platforms. 

Back in the day, retailers could focus just on getting the right products on shelves. Now? Retailers need to provide an experience and validation of products for them to sell. Content is imperative. With the rollout of platforms like Instagram Shopping, UGC is the leading form of the interaction with consumers, with products merely attached to it. 

It’s clear that the future of online shopping relies heavily on content. For example, instead of filling product description pages (PDPs) with stock imagery, consumers want to see shopper-generated images that provide a more authentic and inspiring portrait of the products. Brands can easily shorten the path to purchase by making social content shoppable. 

It’s inevitable: Content will continue to lead the way for consumer discovery and purchase of products. Retailers can boost their sales and reach new audiences by getting more content on their e-commerce platforms. There’s three main ways to collect more content: native review content collection, sampling, and syndication. Here’s how to collect more of all three types. 

Native review content collection 

Collect more organic native reviews for your e-commerce platforms. At Bazaarvoice, we’ve made it easier than ever for retailers to collect reviews from shoppers post-purchase. To entice shoppers to take a moment to leave a review, it’s absolutely essential to request reviews in the moments that matter and to make it as convenient as possible.

We encourage our clients to set up a post-interaction email to help support native review content collection. With post-interaction emails, customers will be asked for a review soon after they’ve made a purchase, ensuring they leave feedback when what they’ve just bought is still top of mind. 

With in-mail submissions, shoppers can now write a review within an email and thus without the friction of having to click on any links or navigate to new pages. Retailers can also enable multi-product submissions, where shoppers can leave reviews for multiple products at the same time. 

Sampling strategies

Getting your products into the hands of your ideal customers via sampling is a quick way to collect reviews before a product goes live. Nowadays, you can collect more than just text-based reviews, too, and supercharge your launch with authentic visual content. 

A key strategy to drive review content for products is through sampling campaigns that are designed to supercharge review content collection. By leveraging sampling solutions with Bazaarvoice, retailers and suppliers alike not only benefit from the ability to get their products into the hands of hyper-segmented shoppers, but also are able to drive authentic UGC simultaneously.

Retailers can benefit from leveraging Bazaarvoice review-seeding sampling campaigns for their own private label items and also benefit from encouraging their suppliers to consider sampling campaigns for products sold on the retailer’s site.

Sampling is an ideal option, whether it be for new products seeking pre-launch promotion, seasonal items, older products in need of new reviews, or retailer exclusives. 

Retailer Sampling

Oftentimes, retailers also opt to partner with Bazaarvoice to create their own customized review-seeding programs – also known as Retailer Managed Sampling (RMS) programs. A key benefit of RMS programs is that retailers are able to build their own sampling communities of brand advocates, derived directly from their customer base. Additionally, all content collected through RMS programs is native and exclusive to the retailer’s site only. 

How it works? Once a retailer has developed their own RMS program in partnership with Bazaarvoice, they invite their suppliers to sample products through their RMS program. Most of the time, retailers will also leverage their RMS program to support their own private label brands and products. Suppliers then work directly with Bazaarvoice to kick off their sampling campaign(s). Once products are shipped to the sampling community members, retailers can begin to see an influx of native review content collected through the program on their site within just a few weeks of the shopper receiving the products. 

Sampling isn’t just for new products, though. Got a seasonal or hero product that could use a boost in UGC? Send samples to our Influenster community to drive mass awareness and deliver category level visibility for your signature products.


Collecting more native UGC is great. Supplementing native review collection with syndication is even better.  With syndication, retailers that partner with Bazaarvoice to power their UGC on site get access to reviews collected from their brands/suppliers across from the entire Bazaarvoice Network. This is a win for both the brands collecting the content and retailers receiving it.

Retailers can turn on inbound syndication capabilities to collect both written and visual user-generated content from their suppliers. 

By collecting new UGC from a combination of native reviews, sampling, and syndication, retailers can jampack their e-commerce platforms with content and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping. Stand out among your competitors and boost sales with show-stopping e-commerce platforms. Start collecting more UGC today. 

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