Increase sales online and in-store

Use UGC to create better shopping experiences.

Bolster profit margins at speed with superior shopping experiences. Our solutions help customers understand exactly what they are getting, so they won’t be tempted to walk away from a purchase (or worse – return one). What’s easier for them is better for you. And ultimately, your bottom line.

Respond to reviews and questions

Creative ways to increase retail sales

Improving the overall shopping experience by responding to and learning from customer feedback is a creative way to increase retail sales. Engage directly with consumers. Proactively answer their questions. Provide better information upfront. Then watch your support costs plummet, return rates decline, and your margins explode.

Negative reviews = opportunities

The positive power of negative

Negative reviews aren’t always negative. Instead, use them to your advantage. Improve your products based on feedback, and watch as return rates drop for future, satisfied customers. With our Ratings & Reviews and Connections products, we’ve helped brands reduce returns by making product improvements and increasing available product information. Don’t be afraid to respond to feedback, positive or negative. Your customers will thank you for it.

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews makes it effortless for shoppers to share meaningful feedback that will help you improve the customer experience. We make it easy for you to engage with them, and also equip you with customer alerts on review activity and provide in-depth reports.


Data. There’s no shortage of it. But our data is different. Our Insights tool allows you to easily collect and study key metrics to see what’s working and learn the best way to change what’s not. Quickly pivot strategies and proactively update products as issues arise. Watch your sales skyrocket when you don’t just listen to key feedback from your loyal customers, but you take the time to understand it and make improvements accordingly.


Multiply conversion and increase sales by refreshing your user-generated content (UGC) with Bazaarvoice Sampling. Invite perfectly matched customers to try your products and provide authentic reviews and visual content that will enhance the customer experience.

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Make the most out of customer insights

Build the ultimate shopping experience for your customers with our Insights tool. In this webinar, Bazaarvoice Senior Marketing Manager Todd Greenbaum and Salsify Senior Product Marketing Manager Nathan Teplow show you how to use consumer insights to improve your business. Learn how to build trust with your customers, analyze customer sentiment, and optimize the shopping experience. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have the tools to hone your marketing tactics, make better products, and stand out among your competitors.

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From feedback to conversation

Create relationships with consumers by engaging with feedback. Our ‘Turning Customer Feedback into a Conversation’ e-book shows you how responding to reviews and questions can be a powerful tool for your business. Learn best practices to proactively respond to both positive and negative reviews. Discover how negative reviews can be strategic opportunities. Then find out how to authentically respond to positive reviews that provide value to future customers.

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