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Keep core PDPs stocked with fresh UGC

When it comes to collecting user-generated content (UGC), more is always better. You need to keep your core product pages as fresh as your new ones. Go beyond post-interaction emails. Get proactive so your core SKUs consistently boast fresh photos, reviews, and ratings. Enlist sampling campaigns to engage and activate your brand advocates. Effortlessly collect a constant stream of content. Stand out from competition. Earn a coveted slot on page one of search. Win at retail.

Collect fresh UGC

Keep the content coming

Want to ensure you always have fresh content for your core products? Turn on an always-on stream of content – Bazaarvoice’s ReviewSource. Leveraging Influenster, the largest engaged community of reviewers, you can gather organic review content with ease. When Pacifica Beauty enlisted the help of ReviewSource, it collected more than 2,000 reviews across nearly 200 products within months. This turned into more than 10,000 syndicated reviews with a 4.5 average rating across 12 retail sites. Talk about two birds, one stone.

Diversify content types

Go beyond text-based reviews

Ensure your products have a variety of UGC that resonates with shoppers at every stage of the shopper journey. Whether it be more photos or answering FAQs, we make it easy to diversify the types of content you collect. When DSW implemented Bazaarvoice’s visual content solution to collect and display user-generated images on their website, it saw a 2x conversion lift. Our Questions & Answers tool ensures you don’t forget about consumers who are still on the fence about their purchases. No matter what kind of content a shopper needs, make them feel confident when clicking ‘add to cart.’

Improve SEO

Show up on page one of search

Use UGC to improve your core product’s discoverability. Whether that be with text reviews or visual photos and videos, ensure your core products stay at the top of the page. The more content that gets indexed from your site, the higher it shows up in search. Australian retailer Officeworks did a study that shows UGC drives organic traffic to your site. Stack your core product pages with fresh, SEO-friendly content. Boost long-tail keyword traffic. Showcase star ratings on Google results pages. Maintain your spot on page one by collecting as much content as possible.

Win at retail

Stand out on the digital shelf

Whether strolling down the aisle of your store or scrolling through your website, UGC helps you stand out on both the digital and physical shelf. Don’t let your products fall off page one of their search because of a lack of reviews or visual content. Lemi Shine stands out from bigger companies by distributing its reviews across the Bazaarvoice Network, syndicating more than 15,000 reviews to a dozen of its core retailers.

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Your most beloved core products need fresh UGC. Keep the content coming by turning on ReviewSource, a review collection service that taps into our Influenster community of 6.5M+ members to collect content. It then syndicates that fan mail across our network of 1,750+ global retailers.


How can you infuse your core products with newer types of UGC — like video and photos — and ensure there are fresh reviews so your products don’t look outdated? Use a sampling campaign to send your flagship products to your brand’s biggest fans and inspire them to leave new reviews on their favorite products.

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The audit your UGC program needs

Consumer expectations are always shifting, which is why it’s important to regularly assess the health of your UGC program. This webinar identifies the six dimensions you can use when evaluating your UGC program, including an actionable scorecard to show you how your program measures up to best-in-class brands. Learn specific tactics for collecting fresh UGC, where your reviews work their hardest, how to collect more insightful reviews, best practices for reputation management, and ways to measure the business impact of your program.

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