Bring UGC to channel partners

Broadcast great customer experiences.

Distribute compelling user-generated content (UGC) to the world’s leading retailers and get your content in front of customers wherever they shop. It’s this content that is going to set you apart from your competition so keep it fresh and relevant. Build lasting relationships with customers and retail partners alike. Win at retail. And beat back the competition to expand your retailer revenue.

Reach new and existing customers

Connect with customers wherever they shop

Stay connected with your customers, regardless of where they shop. Give them the ability to ask you questions. Respond directly to them. Then showcase that valuable content across your retail channels. Because customer curiosity doesn’t sleep when they shop indirectly. And nor does your commitment to bettering their experience. What’s more, all those detailed customer reviews can move the needle on your search engine rankings. And because browsers and customers share the same language, their content is what drives your SEO.

Win at category level

Stand head and shoulders above the competition

Want to stand out from the crowd and strengthen partnerships with retailers? Our solutions provide a steady stream of UGC to help you secure prime real estate at retail. After all, category pages are a hot spot for add to cart conversions. And you want customers to see you first when they search for a product like yours. Ratings & Reviews can help you move up in the rankings towards those all-important placements. Solidifying your position – both as a winning brand, and a winning partner for retailers.

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Drive success at retail and assure your partners you are making the right investments with our Sampling solutions. Our products tap into Influenster’s 6 million-strong community, delivering on-brand UGC at-scale. Whether through Retailer Managed, VoxBox, or CashBack Sampling, we’ll help you find a solution that fits.

Ratings & Reviews

Leave the competition behind at retail. We’ll collect all that well-earned UGC and distribute it across your partners via the world’s largest retail network (1,750+ retailers and growing!). So it will be there ready and waiting for new customers to find.

Product Detail Page optimization tips

Ten ways to optimize product pages for growth

It’s more important than ever to make sure your product pages are the best representation of your brand. The product detail page (PDP) is the prime area of real estate to win shopper’s hearts and convince them to purchase, but only 18% of e-commerce sites provide good or acceptable user experiences (UX).

That’s where UGC comes in. In this in-depth discussion, we’ll give you ten key strategies for optimizing your product pages for success.

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