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Sharpen your skills and gain invaluable insights and masterclasses from Bazaarvoice experts.

The impact of social media on shopper behavior

The Shopper Experience Index analyzes changing shopper priorities.

Masterclass series: Optimize your product catalog for success

Join us for our live masterclass on June 25th at 10am EST/2pm GMT on how to ensure a healthy product catalog.

Masterclass series: Product Catalog 101

Learn product catalog essentials to maintain a robust program.

Masterclass series: How to build a first-rate product catalog

Learn how to set up your product catalog for success.

Masterclass series: Troubleshooting and updating your catalog

Learn answers to frequently asked questions and resolve common issues.

Get started

Let’s start with the basics of the Bazaarvoice platform and building a content strategy.

About Bazaarvoice University

Discover how Bazaarvoice University empowers you to leverage the Bazaarvoice platform and achieve your goals.

A holistic approach to your content strategy

Explore the four core areas to consider when building a user-generated content strategy.

How Bazaarvoice moderation works

Master the art of publishing authentic, trustworthy content that complies with regulations and drives conversions.

About Bazaarvoice portal

A dive into the main areas of the Bazaarvoice portal to manage your ratings and reviews program.

Bazaarvoice Knowledge Base

Access comprehensive articles, resources, and guidance for the Bazaarvoice platform.

Access the Support Community

Find technical resources like troubleshooting guides, case management tools, FAQs, and more.

Where to begin with Social Commerce tools

Learn about Bazaarvoice’s social commerce tools including Like2Buy, Galleries, and more.

Connect your accounts to Social Commerce

Explore our onboarding guide in the Bazaarvoice Knowledge Base.


Discover best practices to generate engaging content with the Bazaarvoice platform.

Submission form 101

Understand the key elements of customizable submission forms.

Social scheduling 101

Learn how to create posts via the Social Commerce platform.

Requesting reviews by email

An overview of the Bazaarvoice Review request email feature.

Using simple submission form URLs

What are ssURLs and how to use them.

Content Activation Services 101

How to use Content Activation Services to boost your content strategy.

Follow-up review request emails

How to boost review collection by up to 50% with the follow-up email feature.

Increase review volume

Expert advice and playbook for increasing review volume.

Engage & Curate

Explore methods for curating content, obtaining usage rights, and integrating it seamlessly into your marketing efforts.

Bazaarvoice Photo-first Display

Learn how photo-first review displays boost user experience.

Bazaarvoice Galleries

Learn how to create high-converting product pages with curated social content.

Bazaarvoice Like2Buy

How to turn your social feed into a shop to drive traffic and sales.

Bazaarvoice Showroom

Learn how to create dynamic shoppable storefront links to drive traffic and sales.

Distribute & Receive

Learn how the Bazaarvoice platform enables brands to syndicate user-generated content of all types to retailers, strengthens partnerships, and drives retail success.

Review syndication for brands

Learn how to syndicate reviews to retailer partners.

Visual Syndication Network

Master visual UGC collection and syndication across retail channels.

Bazaarvoice Connections

Respond to reviews and questions across the Bazaarvoice Network.


Explore a suite of reports at your fingertips, benchmark your program, assess its health, prioritize actions, and track revenue and customer experience impact.

Reports for retailers

Learn about the top 5 reports retailers have access to.