Increase buyer confidence with Q&A

Respond to customer questions on retail and brand websites

You wouldn’t ignore a customer in your store. Why ignore them online? We equip you with the tools you need to respond to customers. Because brands and retailers who respond see a whopping 98% average conversion lift. Answer queries with knowledgeable responses in minutes. Empower your customers to respond to each other. Give answers on your own site and retail channels. Build knowledge, confidence, loyalty, and reduce overheads all in one fell swoop.

Questions & Answers

Eliminate customer uncertainty

Give shoppers the answers they need from the sources they trust. Inspire brand experts and past purchasers to answer questions easily. Answer shoppers’ questions before they ask with a robust FAQ. You’ll have happy shoppers and powerful content for SEO. Then, use our best-in-class reporting and analytics to optimize conversion, uncover trends, and identify opportunities for innovation.

Easy to use

Easily answer questions with automated alerts, question routing, and Salesforce plugins. Provide definitive responses to questions on your site and retail channels. One portal, no complex technical workarounds required.

Improve site health and SEO with fresh content

You’ll get a flexible site design that matches your brand. Q&A loads quickly so shoppers can easily search for what they need. The faster your site loads and you answer their question, the quicker they convert. And with our robust fraud detection featuring advanced natural language processing (NLP) layered with human intelligence, you’ll get fully moderated content in as little as 15 minutes.

Understand what answers customers need

Learn and grow with your customers. Easily track conversion results with daily access to shopper questions, giving you 24/7 feedback on what matters most. Uncover seasonal trends, track sentiment, and monitor mobile traffic. Want to know how to improve? Delve into feedback to discover product flaws, recommendations, and edge use cases. You can even utilize the content to unearth common misconceptions, and adjust your product page messaging to speed up conversion.

Searchable Answers

Easier to find intel, less work to share answers

Not only do shoppers search for products to buy, but they’re searching for all the intel on what they’re adding to cart. Our Q&A allows shoppers to search directly on page for the answers they’re looking for. Quicker information gathering for them, less duplicative questions needing answers for you. Search first, ask later.

Respond to customers at-scale

Be a part of the conversation with Connections

One easy-to-use portal enables you to quickly and easily reply to questions across 1,750+ retail sites. Respond to customer reviews and questions at-scale. Help customers wherever they shop. Increase your brand presence at retailers by displaying your logo with each answer. You choose how and when to get notified, so you can respond to potential buyers in the moments that matter.

Drive revenue through quicker conversions

Increase revenue on your retail channels and become a preferred retail partner. When you engage with shoppers on major retail sites, you’ll see conversion increases by as much as 98%. And retailers love it when you engage with your shoppers – what’s good for you is good for them. And most importantly, good for your customers.

Build loyalty at retail

Build loyalty with shoppers by answering their questions. Build loyalty with retailers by being the brand they can count on to answer shoppers’ questions. To top it off, track key insights to not only improve your business, but show retailers how you can improve theirs too.

Reduce returns by giving customers the right information

You can expect fewer returns when shoppers get it right the first time. User-generated content (UGC) gives shoppers confidence that they’re buying the best item for them. See your returns and support costs plummet. Along with return rates, you could see a 50% decrease in support center costs. Fewer complaints, fewer returns, more happy customers.

Connections for retailers

Leave it to the experts to answer customer questions – your suppliers. More responses means more conversion at retail. Provide the content and engagement shoppers seek at-scale. You can boost on-site and in-store revenue, as well as drive search traffic with rich, recent, and moderated content. It’s a win-win-win for brands, retailers, and shoppers alike.

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