Reduce product returns

Use UGC to create confident purchases.

Reducing return rates doesn’t just save you time and money – it creates happier customers, too. Help your customers buy the right product, the first time. With solutions that allow you to answer their questions, respond to reviews, and find other answered queries, your customers are empowered to make the right purchasing decisions. They’ll thank you for it. And so will your bottom line.

Refined customer experience

Turn customer conversation into confident purchases

Your customers don’t want to return products. And you don’t want them to either. When you respond to reviews and questions, you give shoppers an authentic perspective. They get the knowledge they need to feel confident in their purchase. Prospective browsers become happy customers. Happy customers turn into loyal advocates. And your service costs take a tumble.

Aid conversion

Keep customers on-site and engaged

You’ve provided detailed information about your product. You’ve shown pictures of it too. But still, your customers have questions. Stop them from venturing off-site to find their answers and give them the specific details they’re looking for. How? By shining the light on questions and answers, customer reviews, and user-generated visual content. Which is exactly how Netrauta sees a 220% uplift in conversion for visitors who read reviews on their site.

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Pushing out mass, impersonal product information to consumers is a thing of the past. Shoppers now expect 1:1 dialogue with brands. With Connections, you can engage with customers on retailer sites, whether through questions and answers or ratings and reviews.

Ratings & Reviews

Returns are a hassle. For you and your customers. So, give them the information they need to buy the right product out of the gate. And who better to help them make a confident purchase decision than a prior purchaser? Collect and display authentic ratings and reviews on your brand and retail sites.

Questions & Answers

Proactively set expectations through collecting, responding to, and displaying questions and answers from shoppers across your site. And you can respond to questions and reviews on retailers sites, too.

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The Shopper Experience Index

The future of commerce is centered around human connection. Through a global survey of 5,500+ respondents and data from a billion monthly shoppers, we identified five consumer trends driving the world of shopping.

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Ignite engagement during the buyer journey

How does UGC impact the buyer journey? How can you leverage it to empower your customers to purchase? How do you activate an already engaged community? Unearth our tips to embrace the three pillars of a powerful UGC strategy.

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