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Not all user-generated content (UGC) is created equally — the secret sauce is the creator. Partner with creators to produce on-brand, high quality social content that authentically amplifies your brand story to their engaged, loyal followings. We’ll help you power consumer discovery through a trusted voice​ and inspirational content.​ Just tell us your content goals, ideal audience, and messaging — we’ll do the rest.


Your brand 🤝 creator partnerships

  • Who they are: Influential, reliable creators with strong content creation skills and engaged social followings, ranging from nano and micro followings (<10,000) to mid tier followings (200,000).
  • What they do: Produce and promote content that supports your products, services, seasonal promotions, and more with their dedicated followers on priority platforms.​ Plus, you can repurpose that content on your own channels.


Nano creators are talking — join the conversation

Reap the benefits of both authentic UGC from creators and (the sometimes necessary) branded content production you have more control over — you get the best of both worlds.

  • 69% of marketers today say they are working with smaller creators
  • The creator economy is currently valued at $16.4 billion
higher social engagement

Higher engagement

With their niche followings you can tap into loyal audiences who organically like and share products because they want to, not because they have to.
trust and authenticity

Trust and authenticity

Nano creators foster a trusted and authentic atmosphere that allows them to bond with their audience in an intimate way. Their accessible and authentic vibe makes them easier to relate to, which is key for engaging your target audience.
cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

Collecting content can quickly rack up the dollars. Smaller creators produce content that effectively markets your brand and offers extended use of that content — without the hefty price tag.

Amplify your reach and revenue

Combine the power of creators with sampling and social commerce

We solve for all of your content needs with creator partnerships and Bazaarvoice-exclusive solutions like Sampling and Social Commerce.

Add Sampling campaigns to generate the content you need and to connect with a wide audience, then make that content shoppable and convert it into revenue with our Social Commerce solutions:

  • Easily attribute revenue to creator content
  • Create inspirational, shoppable landing pages for creators to promote
  • Analyze your content and metrics all in one place, hassle free
amplify reach and revenue

One less partner, one suite of solutions

Why partner with our creator communities?

audience reach

Reach the right audiences with the most authentic content

Using your targeting parameters, we spend hours vetting creators from our vast network to ensure that messaging is authentic to your brand​.
brand guidelines

Quality content guaranteed

Creators are briefed on brand guidelines and inspiration to ensure content that’s in line with your brand’s vision, while staying true to creators’ unique aesthetics.
full service management

Stay on track with full-service management

Let your dedicated, in-house Bazaarvoice Strategist handle all the elements of your campaign from creator selection to content briefs to negotiation, making partnerships a low lift for you with every execution.
extend content impact

Extend your content impact

Activate Bazaarvoice Social Commerce tools like Galleries or Like2Buy to make creator content shoppable on-site or at retail. Our customers see up to 140% increase in conversions from having shoppable social UGC on-site.


How to find and build quality content with creators

Discover how you can activate creators to drive more engaging and higher-converting shopping experiences across your channels.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to build successful collaborations with the right content creators
  • How to capture and hold your social community’s attention
  • How to collect and promote the content your community wants to see
  • How to maintain brand loyalty, even in tough economic times
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