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Enhance your international strategy with UGC.

Need to succeed in a new country? Make your user-generated content (UGC) go global to boost sales, conversion, and traffic to your expanded e-commerce footprint. Transcend borders when you translate reviews: take all your customer love from one market, and drive it across any market you grow into. Collect content and increase traffic on an international scale. And syndicate locally relevant UGC across your new larger digital presence.

International expansion

Engage global shoppers with locally relevant content

Launch new markets with confidence. Connect with shoppers in new regions by giving them the content they need to hit the buy button. We’ll power your pages by displaying ratings, reviews, questions and answers, and even stunning social content from your existing customers. We’ll then help you serve customers globally by letting them click to see the content in their own language. It’s what 73% of customers want.

International strategy

Expand into retailers across the globe

Multiply your UGC internationally as you expand into new territories. We partner with six times as many retailers across the globe as our nearest competitor. So the voice of your customers can reach more shoppers in more places. Meaning you get more eyes on more reviews. More reviews on more products. And more opportunities for conversion.

The unmatched expanse of our network means we can even give you more insights, with more robust benchmarking. So once you’ve got some outstanding results, you can optimize to make them go even further.

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Ratings & Reviews

Leave the competition behind as you expand globally. As many as 40% of customers will not buy if they can’t read content in their language. Not only can you distribute your user-generated content to local retail partners via the world’s largest retail network (1,750+ retailers and growing!), our Translated Reviews feature means you can make reviews accessible across languages. So they will be there, ready and waiting, for new customers to find in a new geography.


Easily expand into new markets with a continuous flow of authentic and high-quality UGC. ReviewSource helps you instantly boost review volume by tapping into reviews customers have already written about your products in our Influenster community. Build an immediate online presence by syndicating reviews across our network of 1,750+ retailers. Give shoppers the content they trust. Fuel their confidence. Drive more sales.


Nothing beats local language user-generated content. Jumpstart your entry into a new country with sampling. We help you create and customize product sampling campaigns to collect reviews, as well as visual and social content, from real consumers. Products that have UGC significantly outperform those that don’t. With four customizable sampling solutions, we have the tools you need to shape a winning sampling strategy around your unique local needs.

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