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UGC for every stage of the buyer journey

Meet shoppers wherever they are in their customer journey with the right content they need. Different kinds of user-generated content (UGC) accomplish different things, depending on what a shopper needs to feel confident in making a purchase. Some shoppers need visual content on social media that inspires. Others may have specific questions they need answered. Don’t let a gap in your UGC strategy allow a shopper to lose interest. Deliver the right kind of content at the right time and place, and drive shoppers to purchase.

Show me, convince me, inspire me

Cover all your bases

You need a UGC strategy that speaks to every shopper, no matter what kind of content they’re looking for. Bazaarvoice can help. When a consumer wants to read dozens of reviews before making a purchase, our Ratings and Reviews product shines. For shoppers who want to visually see how other shoppers used a product, use our Social Commerce tool to curate scroll-stopping galleries. For the consumer who has questions, let our Questions and Answers product give them the confidence to buy. No matter the needs of a shopper, make sure you have a variety of kinds of UGC that will show them, convince them, and inspire them to make a purchase.

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Review recency matters

Infuse your products with fresh UGC

Your core products’ UGC is only as good as its most recent content. When Bazaarvoice surveyed more than 30,000 global shoppers, 61% of respondents strongly agree that reviews written in the past three months are more reliable than older reviews. It’s not just written reviews, either — if your core products don’t have recent advocacy on product pages or social feeds, shoppers question whether it is a good product or if it’s gone out of vogue. Don’t let your core products become yesterday’s news. Secure a continuous stream of content to show your product is still relevant.

Increase volume

More UGC drives sales

Statistics show the more content your product pages have, the better they will sell. While one review can boost sales by up to 10%, 50 reviews can increase sales by up to 30%. When Rimmel tapped into Bazaarvoice’s Influenster community with a targeted sampling campaign, the brand collected 1,200+ product reviews and 15.7 million impressions across 2,400 social posts from consumers. And those weren’t vanity metrics — the Bazaarvoice campaign drove a 44% higher sales lift vs. the IRI benchmark for average digital campaigns in the beauty category. Improve your UGC volume and watch conversion lift.

Improve coverage

Extend the value of your UGC

Ensure all of your products get the TLC they deserve, and none lack the review volume they need to convert. Have a product that lacks reviews? Use a sampling campaign to generate buzz around it. Then use ReviewSource to turn on an always-on stream of content for all of your products. Maybelline ensures all of its products boast fresh UGC with its “Testers Squad.” Twice a month, the beauty company uses a sampling campaign to collect reviews on 200 products. Since launching the community, Maybelline collected over 5,000 new reviews and now 90% of product page views on its website include reviews.

Build a UGC strategy

Learn what content shoppers love

UGC can do more than just drive sales. It can also fuel innovation and inspire your content strategy. When Officeworks, a company that boasts over 250,000 reviews across its products, studied how UGC volume impacts the customer journey, it said asking customers for feedback gives Officeworks insights that inform site optimizations, which fuels customer retention. Understanding what types of content resonate with your customers lets you focus your efforts on the content your customers crave. Accelerate your content strategy optimizations with industry insights and performance benchmarks from our customer success programs.

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Sampling campaigns can help you collect a wide range of UGC. Send products to brand advocates and encourage them to share videos, photos, and written reviews to ensure all of your products have multiple types of UGC.


Continuously promote your products to our Influenster community of 6.5M+ members and watch diverse types of UGC roll-in year-round, with minimal effort from you. Let the community generate the content you need, while you focus on other important tasks.

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