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Amplify the voice of your customer with Ratings & Reviews

User-generated content (UGC) is your most important asset. Why? Because customers who interact with UGC are 2x as likely to convert. Collect authentic ratings, reviews, and product photos with our Ratings & Reviews tools. Your product pages and your bottom line will thank you.

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Optimize your PDP with Ratings & Reviews

Deliver smarter, informed shopping experiences

Reviews matter. It’s a fact. We give you the tools and technology to manage ratings and reviews at scale. Easily collect authentic UGC by providing a seamless content collection experience for your customers. Then turn around and display this valuable content in a way that inspires fast and confident purchases. We’ll ensure the most compelling UGC is front and center with a photo-first, lightning-fast, and mobile-responsive display technology that’s built for SEO. Your products are discovered and championed. Conversion accelerates. Product flies off the shelf. And you crush your numbers.

Optimize your PDP

Help shoppers make fast and confident purchasing decisions

Shoppers trust reviews to validate their purchases, but they don’t have time to read thousands of reviews. Review Highlights helps shoppers find what they need quickly – separating review features into pros and cons with natural language processing and state-of-the-art, industry-specific sentiment analysis. Results from this feature show a 3.6% increase in conversion rate and an 11.9% increase in engagement rate. Help shoppers make fast and confident purchasing decisions with Review Highlights.

10x increase in reviews with multi-product submission forms

Smarter, better post-purchase emails. With our multi-product submission form, you can collect reviews on everything your shoppers purchased, rather than requiring a separate review form for each product. Shoppers are able to submit ratings, reviews, questions, photos, and videos. Experience a 10x increase in reviews, improved coverage, and higher submission and conversion rates.

Prioritize your site performance and experience

Our reviews display technology screams high performance. Speed, flexibility, and accessibility is what you can expect. We’ve taken the highest standards for web page design and bundled them into a binge-worthy experience on your product page that leaves your shoppers consuming reviews as if they were binge-watching their favorite show on Netflix.

Insights & Reports

Reviews provide a wealth of information for your business. So we provide the robust reporting tools you need to uncover key insights without having to dig around for them. Our industry-leading reporting and analytics suite can tell you everything from the sales impact of your UGC to identifying opportunities for product innovation. We’ll monitor sentiment and show you simple word clouds to instantly highlight any info you may need to add to your messaging. Giving you the tools you need to grow along with your customers’ needs.

Syndicate reviews at scale

Amplify your reach with the world’s largest network

For Brands

Amplify your reviews across more products, on more retail sites, where more than a billion people shop each month. The Bazaarvoice Network sees 20x more shopper traffic than other networks. You can syndicate your UGC across our network of 1,750+ world-leading retailers. Reach more customers everywhere they shop and give them the inspiration to choose you over the competition. From rising the ranks in category search to strengthening your retail partnerships, the Bazaarvoice Network is the foundation you need to win at retail. More retailers. More reviews. More value.

For Retailers

Activate your vendor community to collect moderated, authentic content and syndicate it to your site. Giving your customers the information they need to make confident purchase decisions. Access powerful user-generated content from 12,000+ brands. We’ll match this high-quality content with the products on your site with the help of artificial intelligence, to boost your review volumes and ultimately, your sales. With a proven track record, best-in-class technology, and global network, it’s no wonder retailers choose Bazaarvoice 6-1 over our nearest competitor. More experience. More trust. More brands.

Be there in moments that matter

Be there to help your customers wherever they shop. Get the tools to manage and respond to reviews and questions on retailer sites, as well as your own channels.

The biggest review syndication network

Access a pool of moderated, authentic UGC from over 11,500+ brands in the Bazaarvoice Network. Syndicate all that high quality UGC across your retail site.

Bazaarvoice is committed to maintaining an open network

Amplifying authentic reviews to the Bazaarvoice Network of 2,300+ retailers empowers brands to further reach and influence consumers wherever they shop, with trust-building opinions that drive conversion. Through the Bazaarvoice Partner Program, brands working with third-party UGC providers can tap into this same opportunity and syndicate their content into the vast Bazaarvoice Network.

Email review collection

Star of the inbox

Email review collection is the biggest driver of UGC program success. These evergreen, automated emails invite customers to review products they’ve purchased and account for up to 70% of review volume. No one does email review collection like Bazaarvoice. When our customers turn on our In-Mail and Multi-Product Submission features, review volume increases up to 8x. Eliminate barriers to review submission, drive review volume and product coverage, and improve user experience.

Text message review collection

Ask for product feedback like a friend

What was once a trend – consumers interacting with businesses through text message – is now commonplace. Text message review collection helps you collect almost 2X more ratings and reviews by sending requests where your customers are constantly checking. Everyone wins with higher quantities of ratings and reviews flowing in. Shoppers get more of the review volume and recency they crave for finalizing their purchasing decisions and you get more UGC to inform strategic business decisions and boost sales to new all-time highs.

Answer customer questions

Be a part of the conversation with Connections

Show your customers some love by responding to their reviews and questions. Bazaarvoice Connections gives you the chance to join the conversation both on your own site and at retailers. Giving you the opportunity to turn even bad reviews into positive experiences that instill shopper confidence. And it’s as easy as logging into our portal, where you can track and manage your questions and reviews across the entire Bazaarvoice Network. You choose how and when to get notified, so you can respond to potential buyers in the moments that matter.

Increase online sales

Intent to purchase doubles when shoppers see a brand’s response to a negative review. By responding to your customers, you can turn bad reviews into great experiences.

Actionable insights

Pull out critical information from reviews and use this to optimize your products and messaging. You’ll see return rates drop and support costs decline.

Respond to reviews at-scale

One portal to track and manage all your questions and reviews. Easily pass on the information your customers need in a few simple clicks.

Build Consumer Trust

Content strategies that grow and protect your brand

How can your brand build authenticity? We surveyed over 10,000 shoppers around the world to find out.

Get the e-book to learn:

  • The primary factors that contribute to a brand’s trustworthiness
  • The impact of losing trust on shoppers’ likelihood to purchase
  • Content shoppers trust most – and least
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Ratings & Reviews FAQs

  • What is Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews?

    Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews is designed to help brands and retailers collect, display, distribute, and receive product ratings and reviews. It enables brands and retailers to gather valuable feedback directly from their customers and showcase these insights everywhere that matters online. Brands can distribute content to retailers, and retailers can receive content from the brands.

  • How does Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews work?

    Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews has four functions: Collect, Display, Distribute, and Receive.

    For brands:

    • Collect allows brands to get authentic ratings and reviews from retailers and customers.
    • Display lets brands show reviews on their websites.
    • Distribute enables brands to share reviews with retailers across the Bazaarvoice Network.

    For retailers:

    • Collect allows retailers to get authentic ratings and reviews from customers.
    • Display lets retailers show reviews on their websites.
    • Receive allows retailers to receive customer reviews from brands in the Bazaarvoice Network.

    These features work together to help businesses use customer insights to build trust and increase sales.

  • What are the different Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews packages, and how do they differ?

    The platform offers various packages tailored to different business needs:

    Essentials Package: Focuses on the basics of collecting, displaying, and receiving reviews with out-of-the-box templates, automated reporting, and standard support. It’s designed for businesses looking to start leveraging UGC without requiring extensive customization.

    Advanced Package: Builds on the Essentials by adding more sophisticated features like the ability to collect reviews via text message, SEO benefits, deeper insights reporting, and more personalized support, including a designated client success manager.

    Enterprise Package: Offers the most comprehensive set of features, including full API access for custom collection and display options, advanced content strategy consulting, and biannual performance reviews. It’s suited for businesses seeking a high degree of customization and strategic guidance.

    Each of these packages is available in various configurations to suit different aspects of UGC strategy, including Collect-only, Display-only, Distribute-only (except for the Enterprise level), and combinations thereof, ensuring any business can find a solution that matches their specific needs.

    For more information, see the Package Descriptions page.

  • What is the Bazaarvoice Network?

    The Bazaarvoice Network is a global network of over 12,000+ brands and retailers. Our network connects shoppers with user-generated content like reviews, questions, photos, and videos. As the world’s largest shopping network, it reaches over 1.3 billion users monthly.

  • Can reviews from Bazaarvoice appear as rich snippets on Google?

    Yes, Bazaarvoice integrates with Google to allow reviews to appear as rich snippets in search results, provided they meet Google’s guidelines.

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Create transparent shopping experiences, and build trust with shoppers everywhere you collect, display, and distribute ratings and reviews.



Launch your UGC program

Get started with authentic Ratings & Reviews to increase your discoverability and conversion. Analyze the performance of your program with Insights + Reports.

Launch your UGC program

Get started with authentic Ratings & Reviews to increase your discoverability and conversion. Analyze the performance of your program with Insights + Reports.



Grow your UGC program

Scale your program with Questions & Answers, increase content collection with Text Message Review Collection and improve your program results with guidance from dedicated Client Success support.

Grow your UGC program

Scale your program with Questions & Answers, increase content collection with Text Message Review Collection and improve your program results with guidance from dedicated Client Success support.



Maximize your UGC program results

Optimize your results through expanded platform flexibility and premium Client Success offerings to personalize the shopping experience for your customers.

Maximize your UGC program results

Optimize your results through expanded platform flexibility and premium Client Success offerings to personalize the shopping experience for your customers.