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Build smarter shopper experiences across the customer journey.

Bazaarvoice’s extensive global retail, social, and search syndication network, product-passionate community, and enterprise-level technology provide the tools brands and retailers need to create smarter shopper experiences. Drive revenue. Increase brand loyalty. Connect with customers. Smarter. Faster.

Collect content

Knowledge is power. And user-generated content contains all the knowledge your shoppers need to buy with confidence. Pretty powerful. Keep your pages fresh with compelling reviews, tasteful photos, and everything in between.

Jump-start product launches with authentic content

Launch products with reviews on day 1. Hit the ground running with product pages already populated with customer photos, ratings, and reviews.

Keep your core product pages as fresh as your new ones

When it comes to collecting user-generated content (UGC), more is always better. Get proactive so your core SKUs consistently boast fresh photos, reviews, and ratings.

Give shoppers the confidence to buy wherever they are in their journey

Don’t let a gap in your UGC strategy allow a shopper to lose interest. Deliver the right kind of content at the right time and place, and drive shoppers to purchase.

Drive revenue

Passive browsers become confident shoppers. Product pages pique more interest. Conversion ramps up. Your revenue soars. Our solutions galvanize the entire shopper experience, allowing you to supercharge product performance.

Grow order value online and in-store

Reviews matter. They help consumers make confident purchasing decisions. Ensure your reviews have maximum impact by syndicating them across our network of 1,750+ retailers.

Optimize for conversion

With UGC you can optimize your e-commerce, social media, and in-store channels, accelerating conversion across the whole digital shelf. Dominate search. Build shopper confidence.

Reduce costs with superior shopping experiences

Improving the overall shopping experience by responding to and learning from customer feedback is a creative way to increase retail sales. Proactively answer consumer questions.

Scale your brand

Distribute compelling UGC to the world’s leading retailers. Jump-start product launches with authentic reviews on day 1. Use the voice of your customers to pull in more traffic. And win new customers by expanding into new markets across the globe.

Syndicate content to retailers and strengthen partnerships

Stay ahead of the competition. Distribute compelling user-generated content (UGC) to the world’s leading retailers and get your content in front of customers wherever they shop.

Stand out in search and advertising

Talk in your customers’ language. Get your customers working for you by creating a stream of user-generated content that bolsters your SEO efforts.

Win new customers by expanding into new markets

Need to succeed in a new country? Make your user-generated content go global to boost sales, conversion, and traffic to your expanded e-commerce footprint.

For retailers

Drive Retail Growth with UGC

With the world’s largest review syndication network and flexible APIs, we help you create content-packed product pages, increase conversion rates, and optimize the customer experience.

Our solutions, technology, and expertise drive e-commerce growth for retailers of all sizes and industries.

Drive retail growth

Actionable insights

Data on everything from competitive benchmarking to customer sentiment. Get easy-to-digest insights that can help you improve your products, upgrade your marketing, and reduce those pesky return rates. We analyze UGC across our wide network of retailers to give you the right tools to smash your KPIs.

Benchmark and discover competitive insights

Unprecedented insights from your retailers. One sign-in. One view. Limitless opportunities to gain a competitive advantage everywhere your products are sold.

Drive informed marketing with direct consumer feedback loops

Turn your UGC into a perpetual focus group you can tap into at any time and use it to drive your strategy. The way you position your products. Use it to fine-tune your campaign messaging.

Propel product innovation and enhancements

Data-driven transformation. We’ll give you actionable insights by analyzing data across your customer reviews. We’ll tell you what new features your customers crave and what is falling flat.

Enable consumers to buy the right product the first time

Reducing return rates doesn’t just save you time and money – it creates happier customers, too. Help your customers buy the right product, the first time.

Build loyalty

Turn fans into your strongest advocates by engaging with them, responding to their questions, amplifying their content across leading retailers, and sharing their opinions with peers in more places. They win. You win. Win-win.

Create and strengthen loyal brand advocates

Engage shoppers at-scale. Answer questions and respond to reviews. Consumers will reward you with their trust. And ultimately, their loyalty.

Expedite the consumer discovery and buying journey

Break down the obstacles slowing the buyer journey. Customer trust is the ultimate gas pedal—and our solutions can help grease the wheels.

Build relationships through public conversations

Amplify powerful UGC content to drive brand loyalty. The best source of information for your customers is from existing customers. They trust the shoppers that have been in their shoes—literally.