Online & In-Store Brand Activations

Increase brand awareness and loyalty with UGC

Delight your customers with captivating brand activations. Whether it’s getting them in-store, to an event, or to make a purchase. We’ll make it easy for them to take action. Unleash the FOMO factor by empowering your customers to rave about their experiences on social media. Our 7M+ Influenster community is ready and waiting to connect. We’ll match your ideal customers, activate them, and drive stellar engagement.

Let shoppers pick the right product for them

Estimating sizing, makeup shades, or what pet food formula is preferred can be tricky. Offering CashBack allows shoppers to buy the right version of your product for them.

Sample products that are traditionally hard to sample

Sampling things like frozen foods or DIY equipment can be tricky. CashBack gets the product in customers’ hands. No shipping required.

Pack the guest list

Create FOMO for your brand events

With 1,000s of data points per member, we’ll invite the ideal customers to your soiree. Experiential events, pop up shops, presentations, you name it. We’ll send the invitation. Want shoppers to post on social? Leave reviews? We’ve got that covered too.

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Sample the un-sample-able

Online or in-store redemption

Get your shopper the perfect version of the product for them. Size, shade, specs, you name it. Encourage shoppers to buy with a CashBack offer. They get the product they need and want, you get high-quality user-generated content (UGC). You set the parameters. Shoppers make the purchase. We refund them through PayPal. You profit from the wealth of fresh UGC.

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Easily connect with local brand loyalists

Big presence in NYC? Looking to meet fans in Melbourne? Setting up shop in London? Activate loyalists for your brand in key regions.

Win over and engage new shoppers

We can identify which Influenster members are a target fit for your brand. Which ones will be inspired to create content for their followings. We’ll set you up. They’ll fall in love. Happily ever after.

Connect and convert

Social advocacy

Show your hero products some love. Ask your loyal fans to share a social post to drum up some hype. Bonus points if your product supports a good cause. Reward your biggest advocates. Watch the content roll in. This works best for products where shoppers know, use, and love it already, or for those brands who align with a cause shoppers can get behind.

Collect fresh social content to share

Customer photos and videos look great on social. And they’ll look phenomenal on your website and in your marketing campaigns.

Expand your brand reach through advocates

Getting your customers talking gets their social circles listening. Leverage advocates to get your products in front of new eyes.

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Ignite engagement during the buyer journey

86% of customers say seeing reviews and photos/videos posted by real people is more reassuring than anything brands can show them. Learn how to activate your customer base. Engage them throughout their shopping journey. And watch those orders roll in.

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Digital first

Activation leads to engagement

Engaged shoppers attract new shoppers. Mobilizing brand loyalists and new fans alike is crucial.

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