Optimize marketing efforts

Elevate your marketing strategy with UGC insights.

With user-generated content (UGC) you get more than increased sales. You get to use insights to improve performance and gain a competitive edge. After all, you have a unique lens into the mind of your customers. Use it to amplify what they love in your marketing strategy.

Always-on focus group

Actionable marketing insights

UGC is the best way to get an always-on view into the mind of your customers. With our Insights tool, you can quickly determine what they love and what needs improvement. Turn your UGC into a perpetual focus group you can tap into at any time.

Marketing that resonates

Use customer feedback to drive your strategy

Your customer feedback drives a lot. Product innovation. The way you position your products. Copy on your product pages. Use it to fine-tune your campaign messaging. After all, advertising based on UGC can result in a 400% increase in click-through rates. So when their feedback moves your strategy, you move the bottom line.

Elevate marketing

Stand-out with customer quotes in advertising

UGC yields results beyond the product page. Leading brands use it in their advertising, for in-store displays, and on product packaging. Simply by taking your existing marketing programs and adding a sprinkle of user-generated content, you are able to deliver a more compelling, personalized message. Use it to build trust and grow revenue.

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Uncover meaningful ways to connect with shoppers, by responding to questions and reviews on retailer sites. By engaging directly with shoppers, you’re setting up your products, old and new, for great success.

Insights & Reports

Take out the guesswork and use big data to understand what resonates with your customers. Our Insights & Reports tools analyze your UGC with powerful machine learning. We unearth what shoppers love and what you should leverage in your marketing. Identify your biggest strengths across the industry, and use that knowledge to blow your competition out of the water.

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The smart marketer’s guide to finding and using customer insights

Learn how to build relationships with your customers to understand what makes them tick. Solicit their honest opinions and feedback. Then analyze that content to understand customer behavior and sentiment. Once you know what matters to them, use that knowledge to your advantage. Improve your products. Refine your messaging. And stand out from the competition.

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