Remove purchase barriers

Establish trust and accelerate the buyer journey.

Break down the obstacles slowing the path to purchase. Customer trust is the ultimate gas pedal – and our solutions can help grease the wheels. From better web traffic to eye-popping user-generated content (UGC), we’ll pave the path to purchase with content that builds confidence. Put pedal to metal and satisfy up to 95% of customers who are more likely to be loyal to a trustworthy company.

Boost Search Rankings

Climb search results and boost web traffic effortlessly

Your customers trust the brands that pop up in search first. Those coveted top spots grant authority and equity alike. Boost your search engine rankings quickly, easily, and without having to kick off time-consuming SEO strategies. Search engines reward websites that talk in the same language as customers – so who better to write for you than those very same customers?

Reviews ensure your product pages stay fresh, relevant, and keyword rich. It’s how Total Wine & More saw an 80% increase in organic traffic and 30% increase in digital sales.

Customer sentiment

Boost customer sentiment when you increase shopper confidence

Customers are savvier than ever. And they look for the unbiased opinions of their peers to make purchasing decisions. In fact, a whopping 78% of shoppers globally trust online reviews. Whereas just 33% trust information that comes directly from you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. It’s actually a great opportunity to take advantage of your UGC.

Amplify reviews in ads. Curate customer photos in galleries. Show off their social posts with feeds on your product pages. And give customers the content they need to make a confident purchase.

Increase product knowledge

Build customer knowledge and your bottom line

Information is power. And when customers understand more, they buy more. It’s really that simple. With Ratings & Reviews you can equip shoppers with the info they need to make a fast and confident purchase. It’s how businesses like Officeworks are seeing overall sales increases of 48%. What’s more, you can distribute all that info across our retail network, which happens to be the world’s largest.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviews establish credibility. Encourage shoppers to leave authentic reviews, helping future shoppers make confident decisions. With our Ratings & Reviews tool, you can syndicate reviews and ratings across the Bazaarvoice Network of 1,750+ retailers.


Bring inspiration to e-commerce with lifestyle content. Ask your fans to share images on social media. Host these inspirational, shoppable social images on product pages, homepages, and in emails. Celebrate your customers and sell more while doing it.


Turn hesitant browsers into confident customers by empowering them with knowledge. ReviewSource collates and displays a steady stream of fresh UGC on your sites from our nearly 7 million-strong Influenster community. So shoppers can make quick and confident purchase decisions by turning to each other for the information they need.

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How to grow and protect customer trust

Consumer trust is hard-earned and easily lost. In fact, up to 82% of shoppers said they would avoid using a brand again if they lost trust. In this webinar, we help brands and retailers understand what threatens trust and how they can deploy strategies to protect it. We’ll help you define trust, identify why it’s essential, what threatens it daily, and what strategies you can deploy to protect your relationships with consumers.

Watch the webinar

Watch our webinar

Build brand authenticity with user-generated content

Harness the power of UGC to build trust and capture the final sale. To combat information overload, customers will turn to each other as trusted opinion sources. Our panel of experts explores how brands can better utilize UGC to deliver the word-of-mouth, personalized messaging that inspires people to buy.

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