Product sampling powered by Bazaarvoice

Tap into exclusive brand advocate communities

Products with quality reviews see up to 3x the conversion lift. That’s why retailers team up with Bazaarvoice to spur content creation. We help you build a turnkey sampling program that leverages your brand partners. And you watch the quality reviews and visual content flow in. Once partners are set up, you’ll start seeing quality user-generated content (UGC) on your retail site in as little as three weeks.

Retailer Managed Sampling

White-labeled retailer sampling programs

Retailer Managed Sampling (RMS) is our way for retailers to build their own user communities of brand advocates. Reward advocates with samples. In turn, you get content that is native and exclusive to your site. We take the hassle out of sampling so retailers can focus on reaping the benefits. You’ll keep the UGC flowing, brand partners engaged, and watch conversion skyrocket. What’s not to love?

How it works

Retailers invite their brand partners to sample products to its community. In return, shoppers reward the retailer with ratings, reviews, and visual content. Brands work directly with Bazaarvoice to kick off the sampling campaign. No fulfillment hassle, mismatched demographics, or failed campaigns.

Jump-start product launches with authentic content

Products that launch with UGC on day 1 outperform those that don’t. Hit the ground running with authentic content that gives consumers the information they need to purchase confidently.

Propel product innovations and enhancements

Revive lagging product performance with sampling. Your products are carefully matched with your ideal customers – brand loyalists who can provide honest and high quality feedback. Get actionable insights from superfans who know your products best.

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How Walmart works with its brands partners to build a winning UGC strategy

Optimizing your product description pages with UGC can make or break your e-commerce channel sales. Enhancing your online presence with customer ratings, reviews, and visual content will increase the discoverability of your products in search, create a valuable dialogue with your customers, help reduce return rates, and ultimately drive sales.

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The future of product pages

Bazaarvoice and Target came together to take a deep dive exploring the evolution of’s product pages. We uncovered Target’s omnichannel transformations over the years and provide a detailed view into how shoppers will connect with brands on in the future.

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