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Our single-platform helps you to leverage user-generated content (UGC) across the entire shopping experience, allowing you to collect, display and distribute UGC that engages shoppers. We curate the best content from the largest pool of shoppers and advocates. We help spread your brand across the broadest network of channels and retailers. Nobody does it better.

Collect content

Consumers seek out rich UGC in their shopping experiences wherever they are—from search, at their favorite retailer, or even on social media. We help you acquire and publish authentic ratings, reviews, visual, and social content. Then we distribute it across our 1,750+ global retailer network.

Get products to advocates to accumulate authentic reviews and visual content

Collect authentic user-generated content. Ensure a successful product launch. Connect with a targeted sampling community. Surface great content across your product pages. With four flavors of sampling programs, Bazaarvoice has a sampling program to meet your needs.

Activate fresh product reviews from the Influenster community

Quickly boost your review volume, star rating, and coverage by sending the organic user-generated content collected from Influenster’s 7M+ member community directly to your brand and retail sites without burdening your tech team.

Drive conversion

User-generated content drives discovery, consideration, and purchase. Enriches shopping experiences. Increases sales. And it all starts with our platform. It gives you the control to easily collect, display, and distribute the content that engages more shoppers—reviews, visual and social content, and more.

Leverage authentic opinions, photos, and videos to sell your product

We give you the tools and technology to manage ratings and reviews at scale. Easily collect fresh UGC by providing a seamless content collection experience for your time-poor customers. Then turn around and display this valuable content in a way that inspires fast and confident purchases.

Respond to questions on your site or across the retail network

Ensure your current and prospective customers feel heard by proactively answering their questions with our Questions & Answers product. Answer queries with knowledgeable branded responses in minutes. Empower your customers to respond to each other. Lift conversion by as much as 98%.

Feature content customers and influencers share on social to drive sales

Let customers show you how they actually use your products. Discover new things they’re doing that you hadn’t considered. Build on popular product features. Create satisfied customers. And drive conversion. You might even uncover your next innovation.

Create shoppable images to increase traffic and accelerate the buyer journey

Bazaarvoice lets you use social content and audiences to sell more effectively online. Make social channels like Instagram shoppable, leverage UGC, and activate influencers. Optimize commerce for discovery with a new breed of social marketing tools from Bazaarvoice. People now expect to shop anywhere online. Let them.

Amplify content

We think big. Leverage our unparalleled network spanning every part of your customer’s journey. Bazaarvoice’s extensive global retail, social, and search syndication network, product-passionate community, and enterprise-level technology provide the tools brands and retailers need to extend their reach.

Distribute content everywhere your products are sold

You work hard to collect the best UGC for your products. The Bazaarvoice Network of 1,750+ global retailers is the world’s largest, with 20x more shopper traffic than other networks. Don’t trust just anyone to get it to the places that matter most. More retailers. More reviews. More revenue.

Manage everything you need to win on social

No more juggling multiple scheduling tools. Build the perfect grids and feeds. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – we’ve got you covered. We provide access to every meaningful metric to help you evaluate the impact of your social and visual content. Prove the value of your efforts. Easily share content. All in one beautiful dashboard.

Activate the Influenster community to drive traffic

Drive your target consumers in-store to amplify brand events and product launches. Reward them with CashBack after purchase and have them review and share on their social media.

Optimize strategy

Use insights, best practices, and industry experts to improve your business performance. Our people are UGC experts and customer success fanatics. Our Insights & Reports tools give you specific, actionable recommendations to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Actionable insight into your performance, sentiment, advocates, and competitors

Get the full picture of your brand performance with powerful insights tools. Measure performance against competitors. Track customer sentiment. Unearth cues to boost your product sales. And stay miles ahead of the competition.

Achieve the best customer experience and make the most of your investments

Our customer satisfaction levels consistently beat industry standards—and that’s how we intend to keep it. We are your trusted partner to help you succeed.

Take the hassle out of sampling programs for retailers

Retailer Managed Sampling is our way for retailers to build their own user communities of brand advocates. Reward advocates with samples. We take the hassle out of sampling so retailers can focus on reaping the benefits.