Actionable product performance metrics

Use consumer insights to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s no wonder 90% of businesses say their industry has become more competitive. Which begs the question: How do you stay ahead of the curve? Do you have a full view of your e-commerce performance? Your customer sentiment? Industry benchmarks? Or do you need an insights solution that can stack all of these metrics against the world’s largest shopper network? Our insights tools use powerful machine learning to dig out the numbers that matter most. Putting you so far ahead of the curve, you can’t even see the curve.

Data-driven transformation

Customer content spurs innovation

Do you know exactly what your customers love about your products? What they don’t? What they wish would change just a little? Use the feedback they give you in our Ratings & Reviews reports to re-strategize. Create new hero products you never would have thought of. Then market them to blow the competition out of the water.

Customer insights at retail

Unprecedented insights from your retailers

Gone are the days of combing through competitors’ product pages to see how you stack up at retail. Our Network Insights tool enables you to compare your products in seconds and have a pulse on what’s being said about your brand across specific or all retail channels. The cherry on top? You only need one tool, instead of dozens. One sign in. One view. Limitless opportunities to gain a competitive advantage everywhere your products are sold.

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Social Analytics

Develop a smarter social strategy. Our Social Analytics tool is a swiss army knife. We supply several key metrics that span the conversion funnel. Measure success across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. All in one dashboard.

Premium Network Insights

Measure performance against competitors. Network Insights collects data from more than 2,300+ retailers across the entire Bazaarvoice Network to track your performance at-scale. Unlock new data you never could have found before. And receive actionable insights to turn reporting into profit.

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The smart marketer’s guide to finding and using customer insights

Build relationships with your customers to find out what they care about. Leverage reviews and other content to mine sentiment, identify new opportunities, and foster brand advocacy. Find out how savvy businesses build plans around concrete customer insights.

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How to maximize consumer insights to build the ultimate shopping experience

Learn how to use insights to hone your marketing tactics, make better products, and identify the content that converts. From leveraging your customer’s voice to build better PDPs to taking advantage of negative feedback, this webinar delves into the details that matter to your e-commerce strategy.

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