Make every product launch a success

Bring authentic UGC to your product pages.

The difference between launch success and failure? User-generated content. Hit the ground running with product pages already full of customer photos, ratings, and reviews. Help your customers uncover all the intel they need to click that buy button with conviction. Use direct pre-launch feedback to your advantage by testing how your product will be perceived by everyday shoppers. Emphasize the features customers crave most to launch with confidence.

Launch with brand advocates

Find the perfect audience

Create raving fans before you launch by identifying shoppers who will love your product, and task them to create content to help you launch with brand advocacy on day one. 64% of shoppers prefer visual UGC to professionally curated content. Our 6.5M+ community members drive the content your future buyers want to see. When Blue Diamond prepared to launch its cookware brand, it tapped into Bazaarvoice’s sampling community to send samples to almost 100 targeted reviewers it knew would use its products, based on a variety of criteria. The strategy was a success: 100% of the recipients submitted a review.

Day one success

Launch products with content on day one

Want to guarantee compelling user-generated content for your product on day one? Put your products in the hands of prospective customers before launch day, with our sampling programs. Your lucky customers are treated to your new product, and excitedly write, snap, film, and post all about it. It’s how JBL launched new headphones with more than 100 reviews and a 4.5 average rating. The result? One of their best-selling pre-orders paired with content that put them on top from the start.

Win at SEO

Get discovered via search

Imagine page one ranking in search mere days after your new product pages go live. UGC doesn’t just help you stand out on a product page or social, it can boost your SEO, too. Bazaarvoice uses SEO technology that ensures search engines find and index all customer reviews on your website. After implementing Bazaarvoice’s SEO solution, LeTAO reported that users who visited the site from Bazaarvoice SEO were 190% more likely to buy. The more keyword-rich reviews, the better.

Jumpstart social discovery

Make a splash on social

Inspire shoppers to discover their new favorite thing, your brand! Partner with Bazaarvoice to acquire authentic social and visual content that highlights what it’s like to experience your products. Take it one step further using social and visual tools to feature this visually rich content across your product and retailer site pages. 1 in 4 internet users now discover brands through recommendations or comments on social media. Rael tapped into Bazaarvoice’s Influenster community with a sampling campaign of its new product and asked the 2,000 hyper-targeted recipients to share their experience on social media. The result? 9.8 million impressions from tens of thousands of social posts, shares, likes, and comments.

Better product development

Leverage insights, launch with confidence

You’re launching a new product. You think your product messaging highlights the most important customer needs and wants. But does it? Know with confidence that your messaging will resonate. Use the feedback you get from sampling to test your product messaging and materials before launch. Learn from custom-tailored virtual focus groups so you can deliver the strongest launch campaign. Get valuable insights on brand awareness, purchase intent, and more where you can get the answers that drive success. That’s how KidKraft identified a new way customers were using their dollhouses and rolled out a new model to meet those needs, creating a significant uplift in sales.

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Jumpstart your product launch with sampling. We help you create and customize product sampling campaigns to collect reviews, as well as visual and social content, from real consumers. Products that launch with user-generated content on day one significantly outperform those that don’t. With four customizable sampling solutions, we have the tools you need to shape a winning sampling strategy.

Ratings & Reviews

Launch your products with confidence. UGC is proven to increase sales. It helps shoppers find your brand first, wherever you sell, and make quick, confident purchase decisions. And it all starts with our platform. It gives you the control to easily collect, display, and distribute the content that engages your customers—reviews, visual content, and more.


Activate our 6.5 million engaged Influenster members as your content collection engine. ReviewSource is an always-on stream of UGC collected about your products and sent directly to your brand and retail sites. It is a perfect way to get immediate as well as ongoing content about your products. Increase your review coverage and product page conversion at retail.

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