Beef up your product description pages with user-generated content (UGC) and functionality that converts. Make it easy for shoppers to find the information they need to make an informed and confident purchase fast. Whether they discover your product through search or on Instagram, customers should have a wealth of written and visual content available to them. 

From enabling review translation to turning your Instagram into a storefront, here are six ways retailers can drive greater conversion on product description pages. 

1. Showcase Review Highlights

Leverage sentiment analysis with Review Highlights, like those provided through Bazaarvoice Insights. Allow customers to easily filter through the most important sentiments in reviews and allow them to easily navigate reviews in a much quicker way by highlighting pros and cons of each product from the sources they trust — other customers. 

Review Highlights uses sentiment analysis to show consumers specific pros and cons of a product based on reviews. It also highlights certain features of the product, based on what past shoppers have said they enjoy the most. It gives consumers a quick overview of the most important sentiments in a review, allowing them to navigate reviews quicker. 

Review Highlights works best with products that have a lot of UGC — at least 10 reviews or more. It’s a powerful tool to leverage, increasing conversion by 3.5%. 

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2. Translate reviews

Expand into new countries with confidence and without starting from scratch with UGC. Bazaarvoice enables you to translate reviews effortlessly to display UGC in multiple languages. Review Translations allows your consumers to easily translate reviews from one language to another on the fly, syndicating content across the globe. 

3. Turn Instagram into a storefront

Shorten the path to purchase for consumers who discover your products on Instagram. Like2Buy turns Instagram into a storefront, where shoppers can click the link in your bio and get redirected to a site where the content they just saw on your feed is highlighted and easy to buy. 

Like2Buy now extends beyond Instagram — you can make any visual content shoppable. For example, now when you post a photo on Facebook, you can easily include a Like2Buy link that directs consumers to buy the product. 

5. Display shoppable visual UGC on your site

What’s better than lots of visual content across your e-commerce site or your product description pages? Lots of shoppable visual content. Compile beautiful visual content on every inch of your website – homepage, product page, you name it. Build beautiful galleries chock-full of visual UGC that helps people discover new products. 

The best place to find impactful UGC is on social media. Easily syndicate powerful visuals and other forms of UGC from your brands to build gorgeous product description pages. The visual content will help both you and your brands convert more sales. 

6. Enable review responses and Q&A

Don’t ghost potential customers. When they ask you a question, give them answers. In 2019, almost 4.4 million consumers submitted questions to brands. We know responding works — according to our research, there is a 114% conversion lift and a 120% RPV lift when shoppers engage with Q&A. 

Responding to reviews — especially negative reviews — matters, too. A third of shoppers don’t just want to hear from brands, they expect it. In fact, 87% of shoppers agree that a brand has to do something in response to negative reviews, and 72% of shoppers say the same for positive reviews. Responding to all UGC builds brand trust and encourages shoppers to give your brand a chance, even after reading a negative review. 

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Once your shoppers have all the information they need about your products at their fingertips, buying your products will be a no brainer. By using these six ways to fill your product description pages with UGC, watch your conversion rate soar as you build trust with customers and make it easier than ever for them to feel confident in your products. 

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