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Appliances Online uses Bazaarvoice to boost sales and improve the shopping experience

Australia’s largest online appliance retailer, increases conversions for its brands by syndicating user-generated content via the Bazaarvoice Network.

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Syndicate reviews and content that fuels the shopping experience and increases sales performance.


Increase conversion rates on Appliances Online’s website by empowering its brands to optimize product pages with syndicated reviews and visual content.


Sales increased on Appliances Online’s website from the influx of syndicated reviews and visual content from 60+ brands.


higher conversion rate

when a visitor interacted with user-generated content.

You won’t find anyone more passionate about customer experience than Appliances Online. A big differentiator for Appliances Online is their legendary service and their drive to deliver their mission of providing the world’s best shopping experience. And, that’s not just the way they deliver products to their customers. It’s also the way they feature written and visual user-generated content (UGC) on their site to inform confident purchases. Their online store has everything from the latest smart tech and TVs, to washing machines, fridges, and oven.

Customers want to know everything they possibly can about a product before they buy. When buying online, shoppers aren’t walking into a store and getting to experience your products in real life. But, UGC from other shoppers like them gets them pretty darn close.

“We know reviews are critical to conversion, so getting more reviews has always been a main focus in our organization. Without a doubt, there’s a strong correlation between customers interacting with reviews and conversion rate,” said Sven Lindell, Chief Marketing Officer at Appliances Online.

One of the key drivers for conversion success has been Appliances Online’s ability to collect syndicated reviews from Bazaarvoice and display them across their site.

“Reviews are a huge part of why people want to click through to our product pages, so we display reviews on higher-level pages. It’s incredible how much a brand can stand out on our search results or category pages by having hundreds of reviews,” says Lindell.

Appliances Online has come to rely on Bazaarvoice to source reviews.

“We work closely with the Bazaarvoice team to reach out to different suppliers to source reviews for their new and existing products, as we know that growing review volume helps to drive conversation rate.”

Appliances Online has gathered 304,000 syndicated reviews from 60+ brands. Along with 83,000 native reviews, the retailer has 386,000 total reviews across its site.

Reviews also impact how Appliances Online merchandises products as well.

“This is a win for everyone – customers can be sure they’re getting a great product, brands can increase their sales on our sites, and we ensure customers have a positive shopping experience that matches our service.”

Because of the higher clickthrough rates among products with lots of reviews, Appliances Online is building reviews into marketing efforts, like trending emails.

“We have a weekly ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s trending’ email where we include reviews. We pool them in and definitely notice an increase in conversion and sales” said Lindell.


higher conversion rate

when a visitor interacted with user-generated content.

About the company

Appliances Online is Australia’s largest online appliance retailer with over 8000 unique products from the world’s best and biggest brands.

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Without a doubt, there’s a strong correlation between customers interacting with reviews and conversion rate.

Sven Lindell

Chief Marketing Officer, Appliances Online

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