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Appliances Online drives consumer confidence by answering shoppers' questions and giving them easy access to customer opinions.

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Optimize the ability to provide information to customers and to receive their feedback in return.


Use Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews and Bazaarvoice Questions & Answers to collect and publish customer reviews, as well as to provide a mechanism for answering customers’ questions about products.


Improve conversion with the two-pronged approach of collecting and sharing ratings and reviews and accurately and quickly answering customers’ questions.


Increase in conversion

Among website visitors who interact with Ratings & Reviews.

Appliances Online and its customers get the information they need, and conversions soar

For Appliances Online and the company’s customers across Australia, user-generated content (UGC) is an invaluable platform for communication – both to provide information that helps customers make confident buying decisions and to give the company insights based on customer feedback.

Using Bazaarvoice’s Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers solutions, Australia’s largest online retailer of appliances sees a lift in traffic to the site, more customer satisfaction, and gains a better understanding of customer preferences that inform strategic product placement, promotion, and pricing choices.

UGC also drives conversion, as the retailer experienced a 91% lift in conversion and an 86% lift in revenue per visitor among those who interact with reviews on the site.

Providing critical, timely information for buying decisions

The questions and answers on the product pages provide the company with a more direct channel to engage with customers.

“We already had an in-house Q&A platform containing tens of thousands of questions and answers, and Bazaarvoice enabled us to take it to the next level,” said Tim Griffin, Head of Data and Innovation at Appliances Online.

With an overnight team in the company’s contact center, the retailer ensures timely responses and an average time of just 13 hours to answer customer questions.

Driving traffic to product pages

UGC helps Appliances Online acquire additional traffic to its product pages by providing the site with fresh, keyword-rich content that improves the retailer’s position in search results. Appliances Online has seen a 26% lift in organic search traffic to its product pages since implementing the solutions.

Enjoying rich functionality, flexibility, and ease of use

Before implementing Bazaarvoice, Appliances Online used a platform for reviews with limited functionality.

“Bazaarvoice appealed to us because it provided the ability to have multi-faceted ratings,” said Griffin, while noting that customers can rate products granularly based on value for the money, ease of use, and other specific criteria.

He also points to the ease in which Appliances Online can manage the UGC based on the simplicity and speed of training offered by the Bazaarvoice Workbench client portal.

“We really like the fact that we constantly benefit and improve our customer experience from new features as part of our ongoing partnership with Bazaarvoice,” said Griffin.


Increase in conversion

Among website visitors who interact with Ratings & Reviews.

About the company

Founded by John Winning in 2005 with a laptop, a rented truck and a mobile phone, Appliances Online is now Australia’s largest online retailer of appliances. The company employs upwards of 250 people, delivers to the majority of the Australian population and stocks more brands than any other online whitegoods or appliance retailer, at extremely competitive prices.

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Bazaarvoice appealed to us because it provided the ability to have multi-faceted ratings.

Tim Griffin

Head of Data and Innovation, Appliances Online

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