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The Bazaarvoice social commerce news bulletin is a monthly roundup of the best and most exciting social media news and technology we’ve seen what’s trending in the social commerce sphere, what new themes we’re seeing from brands and retailers, new social commerce technology, what the cool kids are doing, etc.

There’ll be plenty of linked articles, impressive stats, fun new things to digest, and you may even spot your own brand in there. 👀

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We’ll be updating this every month so make sure you don’t miss out, because social moves quick. Feel free to jump to your desired month, otherwise let’s dive right in.

January. February. March. April. May. June. July. August.

September social commerce news

social commerce news

Teamwork making dreams work 

As they say:

Influencers influencing

They’re the cause of my large credit card bill:

  • What was your childhood dream job? Veterinarian? Teacher? Well, Gen Z’s main career aspiration is to be an influencer
  • But, influencing works, and there’s a large community that isn’t being marketed to — 28% of TikTok users are Gen Xers. Only 5% of brands target that cohort with influencer marketing. Uhm, brands get on this
  • LinkedIn added a feature for users to search for posts by LinkedIn creators

These apps are fillin the social media gaps

And now time to hear from our friends from across the pond!

London Fashion Week takeover:

social commerce news

And APAC is calling 

A word from down under:

August social commerce news

August — a month that feels like the “Sunday scaries” of summertime — has come to a close, and we’re past Labor Day now, which means Fall is on the horizon. For those Swifties out there who are still confused, no more blasting “August” — we’re now in “All Too Well” territory.

Now, let’s Fall into some social commerce news. 

social commerce news

These ads are rad

These brands’ advertising teams must not have taken a summer vacation: 

Back to school

I loved the shopping, but I could’ve done without the “school” part:

Feeling slap app-y

I can’t stop with the puns:

No Sleeping Beauty

The beauty industry never sleeps:

And now time to hear from our friends from across the pond

EMEA weighs in:

July social commerce news

Barbenheimer — which now has an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the Internet meme –—took July by storm. The marketing strategies worked. The movies have grossed over $1 billion globally so far, and I’m over here watching everything unfold on social commerce.

social commerce news

X marks the spot

Elon Musk has been makin my job easy as a social commerce news reporter:

social commerce news

TikTok til you drop

Is anyone giving Kesha credit for coining the name of this app!?

  • A new format is launching on TikTok! An entire post can just be text, and the posts look incredibly similar to Instagram stories
  • Amazon promoted Prime Day on TikTok with an interactive “Duel for Deals” game show. Alix Earle joined in on the fun, which is a smart move by Amazon considering Gen Z girls would buy a toilet plunger if she promoted it
  • Music usage has been a major debate on the app, but don’t you fret — TikTok has recently gained licensing to Warner Music’s entire music library
  • Benefit, the makeup brand, launched their new mascara solely on TikTok for 2 days. They also went live on TikTok Shop for 48 hours
social commerce news

AI + Gen Z = match made in heaven?

Let’s just say these two are like Aperol and prosecco – summer’s hottest duo:

social commerce news

Let’s get sporty!

Or just sit on the couch and watch others run around:

social commerce news

Wimbledon shakes up the fashion world 

social commerce news

Microsoft Teams will be adding the new Maybelline Beauty app, which allows Teams users to choose between 12 different AI-powered beauty filters for video calls!

June social commerce news

School’s out and the sun is shining. We observed many important dates (Happy Pride and Happy Juneteenth to name a few!) and we survived the longest day of the year.

We may or may not see the cage match between Zuckerberg and Musk, but their apps, Twitter and the new Threads, will surely be brawling it out for months to come. And if you’re a brand looking to get started on Threads, this article can help.

social commerce news

Put on your thinking app on

I just can’t keep up with the updates:

A recession? Brands don’t think so

If people keep buying, brands will just keep innovating and creating:

EMEA weighs in

Just some brands having a little bit of fun: 

Lastly, check out Agency Cliquish, a full-service management agency founded exclusively to support and champion Black digital creators. Over Juneteenth weekend, Taylar Barrington-Booker, the founder, officially unveiled her agency’s client roster and social channels.

Happy July! Now start Threading!

May social commerce news

Money & momentum 

Platforms are growing and people are pretending a recession isn’t going to make them regret their $2,000 credit card bill:

That hot celebrity gossip

Us Weekly but the cool, younger, techy version:

Getting out of your comfort zone

Brands and apps are trying something new this month:

Bye bye!

April social commerce news

What do fannypacks, influencers, and 100° weather have in common?

Coachella! Here’s the brand activations I’d stand in line for:  

Confessions of a Shopaholic 

Attempting to give up shopping for a month, but I’ll be appreciating these brands from afar:

App-arently some people have opinions 

What’s life without some complaining and praising and then complaining again? 

That’s the end of the social commerce news for April. See you next month!

March social commerce news

Spring has sprung and that means hibernation season is over. March was madness, April is fooling, and you’re finally getting used to the time change. With that, there’s plenty of news from the social commerce world, so let’s get started. 

social commerce news

But AI love you

AI is turning heads with what it can do, but it’s probably better to lean into it than fight it. Brands and retailers are certainly betting on the social media shift and it’s been dubbed the latest big tech trend:

social commerce news

Digital > virtual > AR

Buzzwords galore. But brands are putting their technical hats on and giving the people what they want: 

Investing in our youths. 💸

We must focus on the youth for a better tomorrow. But also mainly for the fact that we know over half of Gen Alpha watch shoppable content:

Just some interesting things

The headline says it all:

  • Unilever found that influencers have the greatest impact on consumer sustainability choices. And Heinz is highlighting soil degradation with Fortnite Island in ongoing environmental protection and sustainability efforts. Great because the Earth could really use a win
  • 75% of marketers expect to spend more on TikTok even as the ban looms
  • And new social media platform alert! Is this another hit from ByteDance? Lemon8 is rising up the app store charts and is deeming itself a cross between Instagram and Pinterest

Happy things 

That’s all the social commerce news for March. Come back soon!

February social commerce news

February was short but mighty in terms of time, events, and social commerce news. Awards season, Rihanna’s pregnant again, and there was a big football game in there at some point. Which, speaking of, go social commerce!

It was all about the shoppable ads

This month was all about how social media marketing performs against traditional ads:

  • Michelob Ultra and Instacart support Super Bowl push with shoppable TV ads, while Priceline hid travel deals in digital ads during the game 
  • Wendy’s is taking it off the field to be the first to test Roku and Doordash’s deal around shoppable TV ads — soon I’ll only have to blink and I’ll have purchased something right to my doorstep

Virtually possible 🤖

Apparel and beauty have always been innovators so it’s no surprise that these two industries are full steam ahead on technical advancements: 


While it feels like we were just here (three years ago), the big social commerce news this month is the continued negotiations and political efforts aimed at granting the President and administration power to ban TikTok. It’s not currently happening. Only those using government-issued devices have seen a ban imposed, starting February 27th. Either way, brands are keeping on keeping on: 

social commerce news

We know everyone has been ChatGPT-ing also, but that’s barely news by this point — we prefer to stick to the more exciting social commerce news. 🙃

January social commerce news

Austin is without power, storms are everywhere, and Phil saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter. But with the Lunar New Year ushering in the Year of the Rabbit, there’s hope for 2023 just yet.

Beauty is in the AI of the beholder

Beauty brands win innovation time and time again: 

Pulse on the platform

Keep reading for fun new things to know about tech platforms:

Brand new(s)

Our favorite social commerce news is recapping the cool things brands are up to: 

social commerce news

Seeing double

Both Chipotle and Martha have been busy this month: 

Game day ready

Everyone’s excited for Rihanna’s big concert next weekend:

social commerce news

For more than just news, learn how to make social commerce profitable below.

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