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About Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails is a family-owned American company dedicated to creating everyday apparel, gifts and gear for deer hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, built as much for the backwoods, as the backyard.

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To build brand awareness and showcase themselves as a lifestyle brand, Legendary Whitetails leverages more than 6,000 pieces of consumer-generated visual content.

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Demonstrate the brand’s position as a provider of everyday apparel.


Use Bazaarvoice Curations to collect and display consumer-generated visual content on product pages and a shoppable gallery.


Legendary Whitetails takes pride in its status as a lifestyle brand for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

“We’re the apparel brand that lets you celebrate the hunt every day of the year,” says Ryan Johnson, E-commerce Manager at Legendary Whitetails. “We aren’t selling gear – we are selling apparel our customers can wear every day of their lives.”

To build brand awareness and demonstrate that their clothes are for more than just hunting season, the company turned to its passionate customers to help showcase their everyday experience with the products.

Leveraging the power of customer-driven visual content to drive online sales

Having previously worked with another consumer-generated content (CGC) provider, Legendary Whitetails recognized the value of customer reviews. The company switched from another ratings and reviews provider to Bazaarvoice to gain a more robust ratings and reviews solution with the benefits of visual content generated by brand advocates.

Using Bazaarvoice Curations, the brand collects and displays customer social photos featuring Legendary Whitetails clothes.

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Supporting the complete on-site path to purchase

Visual CGC is displayed as a shoppable gallery, on category, collection-level, and product description pages. This visibility maximizes the awareness, consideration, and conversion benefits of CGC.

Legendary Whitetails has collected more than 6,000 photos since implementing the solution. Over a six-month period, more than 1.4 million site visitors viewed visual content on the site, and nearly one third of those visitors have interacted with it by either by either looking at additional pages of pictures, or clicking for a closer look at a photo.

Not only are visitors engaging with the content, but they are converting at a higher rate compared with visitors who do not. Visual content on Legendary Whitetails has driven a 34% conversion lift, a 77% increase in revenue per visitor, and a 32% lift in average order value.

Finding and engaging customer advocates

The Curations platform provides reporting to identify top contributors. More than 2,600 Legendary Whitetails customers have posted photos so far, and most are posting multiple times, giving the brand an opportunity to foster relationships with its biggest fans.

In one instance, Jared Poppert, Social Media Manager at Legendary Whitetails, noticed a handful of captivating photos submitted by an individual that showed her wearing the apparel while hiking, snowmobiling, practicing archery, and enjoying other outdoor activities and adventures. Legendary Whitetails eventually reached out to her directly to be part of their 2016 Fall lifestyle photo shoot.

“Identifying top contributors and converting them into brand advocates is an added benefit we didn’t expect. Their social influence really helps humanize our brand and connect with customers on a more personal level,” says Poppert.

The company also supplements its own photo library with customer photos.

“We can take as many professional photos as we want, but it doesn’t always resonate as much as photos of actual customers using the products,” says Johnson.

The company collects photos via a direct upload button on the site and occasionally asks for content via sweepstakes, but most come organically.

“People are sharing these photos already,” says Johnson. "It’s just a matter of having the right tool to collect and curate the content to showcase people doing the things they love to do.”

Better understanding the customers and products

Legendary Whitetails also gathers insights about shoppers and products from consumer-generated imagery.

“We build out our brand champion profiles internally, and Curations helps us to either validate what we think about our customers or optimize the profiles as we continue to see how they are using our product,” says Johnson.

Customer feedback also fuels product improvements. In one case, the company recognized an influx of negative reviews on a flannel shirt jacket. By digging into the content, Legendary Whitetails identified common complaints about the jacket’s sizing. The brand made changes to the jacket to improve its fit. The result: sentiment improved.

legendary case study

The impact of consumer-generated visual content makes Legendary Whitetails confident that they’re increasing awareness of their lifestyle brand, leveraging advocates, and fostering relationships with customers.

“When consumers see the consumer-generated content, especially photos, they really get a sense of what sets us apart.”

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