Unleashing creator marketing potential: Bazaarvoice drives 80% efficiency gains

Drinking our own champagne: The Bazaarvoice Creator Partnerships team uses Bazaarvoice to manage a range of international client campaigns, from product launches to boosting content for select products.

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Bazaarvoice needed to scale its Global Creator Marketing capabilities without adding headcount, save time, and manage creator marketing campaigns more efficiently.


The Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team uses Bazaarvoice to better connect brands with ideal creators who resonate with their target audience, ensuring authentic storytelling that captivates consumers.


Bazaarvoice helped the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team do more with existing team resources, achieve up to 80% time savings, and effectively manage 200+ creators.


Efficiency gains

Building trust through authenticity and connection is at the heart of the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team’s strategy. The team identifies the right creators for each client and manages campaign communications, payments, and content sign-offs, to deliver high-quality content and brand awareness for many clients leveraging thousands of creators at any one time. And to do this at scale, they put their trust in Bazaarvoice — an AI-driven influencer marketing platform that lets you easily find your creators, manage collaborations, track your campaigns, and measure your performance.

“When you’re managing multiple creator campaigns and hundreds of influencers for each client, you need a powerful self-serve technology like this to manage campaigns and manage all that process and data in one place. Without the tool, I’d have to double the size of my team,” says Courtney Keats, Creator Marketing Team Lead at Bazaarvoice.

It was the missing piece that Courtney Keats, Creator Marketing Team Lead at Bazaarvoice, says the team needed to scale and transform — often manual — influencer marketing campaigns to deliver leading business outcomes.

“Affable streamlines the creator marketing services we offer to clients like nothing else. What would otherwise have taken weeks, we can do in just hours. is a must-have for agencies and in-house teams who are serious about creator marketing,” says Keats.

Spend less time finding relevant creators for campaigns

Stop us if you’ve heard this story before: Browsing hundreds of creators on Instagram, searching hashtags, and scrolling for hours to try to find the right people. And the cherry on top…accumulating all that information in an Excel spreadsheet. That’s what the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team had to do before using Yikes.

To cater to its diverse range of clients, the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team excels at identifying highly relevant influencers for even the most specific or niche consumer targets. With’s 20+ advanced filters and generative AI, creator searching has never been easier for them.

“The searchability is definitely my favorite piece of the platform, and in terms of timing, it goes from weeks and weeks of searching to minutes — and that’s really valuable,” Keats says.

Between diverse and unique targeting capabilities and the ability to use different search streams, Keats’ team easily sources the right creators for their specific goals.

“Some brands have products that might not seem typical for the influencer marketing space, but affable allows you to see what’s out there and what kinds of people might fit that world,” Keats says.

Keats says the Magic Search tool is her favorite; it’s an innovative tool that uses the power of generative AI through text, image, lookalikes, and conversational chat to show highly relevant and tailored search results — making finding creators a lot faster and more simple.

“The Magic Search tool basically reads your mind about what you’re looking for and the visual element that you can add. It’s especially helpful for brands who might have a mood board — the tool can come up with creators that would fit into that theme. It makes it really easy to source the best creators,” Keats says.

With so many avenues for faster and easier influencer discovery, the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team saves up to 80% of the time it typically takes them to run creator marketing campaigns.

Three tips to finalize your influencer list

Once you have a relevant list of influencers, it’s time to take a deeper look and pick the most likely to deliver value. Keats has three tips to do this:
Content type distribution: “Content type distribution shows us how branded content is distributed over an influencer’s account. You could see in the last three months, for example, how many sponsored posts vs. organic content the influencer published.”
Brand Affinity tool: “The Brand Affinity tool can find posts that an influencer tags a brand in. So, if an influencer tags your product and organically shares their thoughts, partnering with them can be a good idea, since it might be easier to convert them from a user to a superfan in the future.”
Follower timeline: “This helps us look at an influencer’s follower trajectory, so we can see if they’ve had a recent downfall from an online controversy or an uptick from a viral video. It’s helped us decide whether or not to involve an influencer in our campaigns.”

Take the manual work out of managing creator collaborations

When it comes to managing creators, lets the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team streamline and automate by tracking profiles, fetching contact details, and organizing communications. Keats says she can group potential influencer options together for easy access, or to revisit later to see which influencers align with her desired targeting parameters.

“Before, we were building sheets upon sheets and folders…Now, we can eliminate all that. We’re able to house all that information in one place,” Keats says.

Keats notes that the campaign management portal is great for streamlining communications. Creators can access everything they need in one place: campaign details, the creator brief, deadlines, and product information. In addition, the Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team gets a 360° view of all their campaigns. It’s like a one-stop shop to see everything that’s happening, from kickoff to completion.

“I know the struggle of juggling 200+ creators. A tool like is a game-changer — it keeps everything organized!” Keats says.


Metrics that matter: Understand your influencer marketing campaign performance

The Bazaarvoice Creator Marketing team looks at a wide range of metrics to help inform its strategy, such as impressions, reach, engagement, and earned media value — all of which can be tracked within the dashboard. But the team is able to go beyond quantitative metrics to uncover even more insights with a holistic view of all influencer-generated content, enabling them to truly understand each influencer’s impact.


“With, you’re not just getting the engagement numbers, you’re also getting a more robust picture of how the audience is interacting with the content,” Keats says.

The tool empowers the team with real-time data and analytics, enabling them to measure campaign success, track ROI, and continuously refine their strategies. Additionally, sentiment analysis of user feedback on creator content ensures brand safety.

Solving influencer marketing pain points

Keats recommends that brands list out pain points they’re currently facing with influencer marketing — challenges such as:
Finding the right creators to match brand voice and feel
Spending too many hours doing searches and building sheets
Needing to continuously ask creators for analytics screenshots because you don’t have the technology to get the actual numbers in real-time

“You can say goodbye to most influencer marketing headaches by automating tasks at every stage, simplifying creator discovery and campaign management,” Keats says.

For Keats, the overall experience with versus using more manual influencer marketing methods simply doesn’t compare. She puts it best when she says, “It’s really night and day working with a tool that allows us so much possibility.”

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Efficiency gains

Affable streamlines the creator marketing services we offer to clients like nothing else. What would otherwise have taken weeks, we can do in just hours. is a must-have for agencies and in-house teams who are serious about creator marketing,

Courtney Keats

Creator Marketing Team Lead, Bazaarvoice

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