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Furniture retailer increases holiday AOV by 11%

At a Glance


Spread holiday cheer and boost sales over the winter season using real-time data and machine learning.


Build an engaging, whimsical on-site experience optimized to sprinkle the shopper journey with holiday delight, all while highlighting new products to the viewer.


The campaign sleighed. Over the three weeks that the product spotlight ran, it delivered an 11.3% average order value lift and an 8.6% revenue lift. It was a holly jolly season for this national retailer.


Revenue lift

Over the three weeks the campaign ran

This US-headquartered furniture titan knew Christmas was a time of year where adding an extra bit of ‘jolliness’ to the customer experience could make a huge impact on revenue. The retailer wanted an out of the box, creative solution to highlight their products, all while creating an experience that would leave their customers feeling delighted.

Knowing that a concept like this would require a team that had the creativity, knowledge, and ability to work collaboratively alongside them, they reached out to Granify.

The client had two main objectives:

  • The campaign needed to be launched in ample time to run during the holiday season
  • When shoppers came across this onsite experience, they would end up feeling a sense of delight and whimsy

We got cracking

The Bazaarvoice team jumped right in, coming together to brainstorm the most creative executions. From the plethora of ideas discussed, the top three were brought forward to the retailer, who chose one to implement immediately.
Our in-house design and animation teams then refined and built the campaign, while our engineers configured the campaign’s technical setup. The final campaign was designed to work either with our recommendation engines based on the shopper’s previous viewing or buying history, or to simply highlight the products that the client thought would resonate most.



Cracking results

Over the three weeks that the product spotlight ran it appeared in 45,582 sessions, with results that made it a holly jolly season for this national retailer:

  • 11.3% Average order value lift
  • 8.6% Revenue lift

Having proven to consistently drive conversion, revenue, and average order value lift our partnership with this retailer has expanded. We have been asked to cover similar Halloween-themed campaigns for their sister company and we are looking at running a few more bespoke campaigns over next year’s holidays.



Revenue lift

Over the three weeks the campaign ran

Can we have someone so charmed with the interaction on the site, that it puts them in a much better state of mind to convert with this retailer?

Taylor S

Chief Concept Guru and Product Manager

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