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$830K patio sales in 30 days makes major furniture retailer shine

A national furniture retailer sizzled this patio season with targeted campaigns that resulted in significant revenue gains.

At a Glance


This national furniture retailer created an outdoor furniture guide for patio season, but faced visibility issues, limiting potential revenue gains.


Create a contextualization campaign that directs potential patio furniture buyers to the retailer's outdoor furniture guide.


The furniture giant appeared in over 410K sessions, achieving a 5% AOV lift, 3.32% increase in conversions, and generating $830k in additional sales.


Incremental revenue

In 30 days

Revenue Potential Left in the Cold

With many states facing long winters, the idea of being able to relax outside in the sunshine can’t come fast enough. For this major furniture brand, maximizing revenue during patio season is paramount. To optimize their sales strategy and capture the attention of outdoor furniture shoppers, they developed an informational outdoor furniture guide. However, they faced challenges getting visibility from potential buyers, and turned to Bazaarvoice for help.

Turning Up the Heat with Contextualization

This furniture titan put its trust in Bazaarvoice to get their product guide to the right online audience. Using our extensive data library and innovative contextualization technology, we created a custom campaign to precisely target potential patio buyers. The contextualization messages appeared seamlessly to website visitors only when the machine-learning technology recognized that they would resonate most, highlighting the patio guide and its benefits.

An Outcome as Bright as the Sun

The results were remarkable. Within just 30 days, the retailer experienced $830k in incremental revenue. The contextualization messages were displayed in over 410k sessions, driving 23.5k additional orders, resulting in an 8.49% revenue lift and 3.3% boost in conversions. The furniture brand also saw a 5% increase in revenue, coupled with a $40 rise in average order value, highlighting the effectiveness of Bazaarvoice’s targeted approach.

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Incremental revenue

In 30 days

About the company

Founded in 1991, this leading home furnishings retailer offers high-quality furniture, décor, and outdoor living essentials. The company has seven retail locations throughout the US, as well as an extensive catalog and e-commerce platform.

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By leveraging Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce seamlessly into the browsing experience, we were able to achieve some really remarkable results. It’s rewarding helping our clients drive conversions and boost their revenue so significantly.

Robyn Dubuc

Senior Software Engineer, Bazaarvoice

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