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Reviews unlock a 43% conversion jump for Molton Brown

The Molton Brown team sees a 54% lift in revenue per visitor and a 43% lift in conversion rate when customers engage with reviews.

Molton Brown Fragrance

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As Molton Brown entered the perfume market, it faced the challenge of selling fragrances online without customers being able to smell them.


The Molton Brown team created an in-store activation experience with QR codes at checkout, incentivizing reviews with a prize draw.


This creative campaign boosted review volume, which contributed to a 43% lift in conversion rates and a 54% increase in revenue per visitor.


lift in revenue

per visitor when customers engage with reviews

When the luxury bath and body brand Molton Brown decided to adopt a fragrance-first approach, it faced a unique challenge: how to sell fragrances online, where the captivating scents can’t be experienced. This fragrance-first focus meant Molton Brown had to rethink their digital strategy to overcome that challenge. They needed innovative solutions to mirror the in-store experience. The goal was to inspire customer confidence in purchasing scents “unseen” via the website.


Molton Brown Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver Eau de Parfum

Enter the Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews platform. Molton Brown got creative and teamed up with Bazaarvoice to turn fragrance launches into experiences, driving buzz and visibility for each new scent.

“Reviews are not just feedback—they’re a vital tool that brings the in-store sensory experience online, helping customers make confident purchases,” said Alice Clarke, Global Digital Analyst at Molton Brown.

Engaging VIPs & driving omnichannel innovation

The first launch of Molton Brown’s Wild Mint & Lavandin fragrance provided crucial insights into what appeals to their customers, informing the launch strategy for their next scent, Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver. The team leveraged a key strategy of giving VIPs early access to the fragrance. This allowed Molton Brown to collect a wealth of reviews in advance of the broader launch. By launch day, the product was already bolstered by authentic customer testimonials, enhancing its online debut.

This launch also marked a turning point for Molton Brown. For the first time, in-store and online teams joined forces, using Bazaarvoice to to be review incentive specific. Their goal: supercharge online sales. The solution? An omnichannel review collection method. In stores, customers received QR codes directing them to leave reviews on the website. This phygital experience showcased Molton Brown’s expertise in creating a customer journey across all channels.

The campaign demonstrated the power of QR codes. For the Wild Mint & Lavandin launches, Molton Brown distributed 500 QR code cards across five stores. Customers scanned the code, left a review, and were entered in a monthly product giveaway. This incentive significantly boosted early review volume, giving the new fragrance immediate visibility and credibility.

QR code in store review collection QR code in store

Molton Brown also used Bazaarvoice’s syndication services to amplify these customer reviews across various markets and channels, ensuring wider visibility. For example, reviews collected from UK customers were syndicated to other distributor markets and channels like wholesale, which is crucial for the brand’s global strategy.

Impact and results: Measurable success

The results were clear and impactful: The campaign contributed to a staggering 43% increase in conversion rates and a 54% rise in revenue per visitor when customers engaged with reviews. The campaign for their Wild Mint & Lavandin launch was particularly successful, achieving 60% of its reviews within the first month through in-store incentives.

“Reviews are driving results! Thanks to Bazaarvoice, we’ve seen a 54% revenue boost per visitor interacting with reviews. The Ratings & Review platform has allowed us to pre-emptively generate vital customer feedback through our omnichannel strategies. And this feedback is shaping our future launches, ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and driving substantial revenue growth.”

Molton Brown’s use of Bazaarvoice has boosted its perfume sales and strengthened its market position as a forward-thinking, customer-centric brand. And Clarke has played a key role in implementing these innovative strategies. Along with Jade Bailey, Molton Brown’s Trade and Operations Manager, their approach has improved the online shopping experience and strengthened the company’s digital presence for the new perfume lines.

What’s next for Molton Brown?

Clarke said Molton Brown plans to continue their omnichannel incentive experience by adding QR codes to dispatch notes or packing slips. “This approach mirrors the physical engagement we’ve seen work so well in stores. It simplifies the process for leaving a review by leading them directly to a landing page and leverages the physical interaction that has driven results in-store,” Clark explained. “We’re excited about rolling this out soon”

For more insights on how Bazaarvoice can transform your product launches, visit our Ratings & Reviews page.


lift in revenue

per visitor when customers engage with reviews

About the company

Established in 1971 on South Molton Street in London, Molton Brown embodies British luxury with a keen emphasis on quality and sustainability. Holding a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, they are known for their opposition to animal testing and their commitment to develop more sustainable products. Molton Brown collaborates with world-renowned perfumers to create their distinctive and lasting fragrances inspired by the eclectic spirit of London.

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“Reviews are not just feedback; they're a vital tool that brings the in-store sensory experience online, helping customers make confident purchases.”

Alice Clarke

Global Digital Analyst at Molton Brown

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