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MAM doubles traffic and conversion rates with Social Commerce

Existing Ratings & Reviews and Sampling customer MAM leverages Bazaarvoice Social Commerce to boost time on site, increase conversion rate, and generate more revenue.

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Collect more user-generated content and showcase it in more places where their shoppers are.


MAM implemented Bazaarvoice Social Commerce with Galleries and Like2Buy, completing their full funnel solution. This boosts social proof and inspires purchases across channels, alongside their existing solutions: Ratings & Reviews, Syndication, and Sampling.


Using Bazaarvoice Galleries led to a 108% increase in conversion rate and a 58% increase in average order value. Using Like2Buy drove site visits up by 157% and generated an extra £96k in yearly revenue.


Increase in yearly revenue

with Bazaarvoice Social Commerce

MAM has been rattling the premium baby products industry since 1976, when it was founded by Austrian plastics engineer Peter Röhrig. Röhrig’s unique idea was to create extra-safe baby products that have an attractive, innovative design and proven medical benefits. Ever since, MAM has been committed to the well-being and safety of babies by creating unique baby products that make babies’ and parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

UGC + Bazaarvoice = the perfect formula for MAM’s success

MAM knew the very personal experience of motherhood would go hand-in-hand with product ratings and reviews. Providing a platform for authentic conversations was a must, so the brand began working with Bazaarvoice and implemented Ratings & Reviews — and Sampling to increase review volume — in 2018.

“MAM fans love the products and gladly shout them out. We contributed a lot of our business to Sampling, and from that we received thousands of reviews. This was absolutely huge, and now our sentiment is higher than most of our competitors, which is great,” said Daniel Smith, National Account Manager, MAM.

In fact, in 2019, MAM was one of the very first Bazaarvoice customers to trial sampling on Influenster, our 7.5 million-strong, hyper-targeted shopper community. From just their first 600 Voxboxes, MAM saw a huge increase in reviews.

“Overall, [Bazaarvoice] is a fantastic tool for getting reviews out here. Its power is phenomenal because one review can turn into three, four, five, six…depending on how many retailers you’re connected to,” Smith said.



With over 40,000 reviews syndicated across MAM’s channels (including Boots, Argos, John Lewis, Very, Superdrug, and major global supermarkets), it was just the beginning of the brand’s success with Bazaarvoice.

“MAM has grown to take brand leadership over the last five years. We’re the fastest growing brand in the bottle and soother accessory market, and Bazaarvoice has certainly supported that growth,” said Lisa Parkhill, Managing Director, MAM.

And when Bazaarvoice Social Commerce came along, MAM knew they couldn’t say no, jumped on the opportunity, and skyrocketed their growth.

Bazaarvoice Social Commerce helped MAM stay connected to customers during lockdown

When physical stores temporarily closed for the COVID-19 pandemic and with social media and e-commerce growth MAM increased investments in it’s social and community programs. Bazaarvoice Social Commerce allowed MAM to increase their online presence and get their beautiful products in front of customers at home.

“Being able to show MAM’s designs, colors, and trends when people couldn’t actually go to the store was particularly powerful. For us, [Bazaarvoice Social Commerce] was just another great opportunity to showcase what MAM’s all about,” Smith said.

In the past, MAM ran smaller user-generated content (UGC) campaigns via their social networks. However, the volume and places the brand could include that content was limited to each social platform. “During the lockdown, we were quite advanced on our social platforms, and we were able to leverage a lot of things including a Q&A, midwife support, and more. But we needed to increase exposure and translate that to sales,” Parkhill said.

Connecting brick-and-mortar and the digital shelf

While businesses around the world felt the negative blow from the pandemic, many found unexpected silver linings. The changes in consumer behavior during this time opened up the doors for more businesses to embrace the digital shelf, and that’s exactly what MAM did with Bazaarvoice Social Commerce.

“At MAM, we’ve always known that the digital omnichannel experience is key. And with the pandemic, we had to adapt and keep providing a seamless buying experience for our customers throughout the retail journey. [Omnichannel] really has changed the way that we shop,” Smith said.

MAM’s goal was to give shoppers an integrated, unified experience across all their channels, now that brick-and-mortar and web were becoming more intertwined, especially during the later years of the pandemic. In what we call the ROBO (research online, buy offline) economy, customers seek reviews to qualify their buying decision before they actually decide to purchase in-store — giving UGC a huge impact on what’s happening in store aisles.

“[It was] a transition period of growth for MAM throughout a turbulent time of buying — moving from offline to online, then back again, and then fully integrating the two. [With Bazaarvoice Social Commerce], we were able to give our consumers what they needed to keep supplying and growing the brand,” Parkhill said.

Social proof doubles traffic and conversion rates

Bazaarvoice helped MAM implement Social Commerce tools like Bazaarvoice Galleries. With Galleries, MAM curates authentic social photos and videos posted by advocates so the brand can create beautiful, shoppable galleries to showcase MAM products. For MAM, Galleries drove a 258% increase in time on site, a 108% increase in conversions, and a 58% increase in average order value.

“The [photos and reviews] speak to themselves. It’s the voice of reason almost, like an assurance that this product does what it’s meant to do. And, of course, we knew the end goal would be that we could get that really lovely UGC onto our [retailers’] sites,” Smith said.

MAM also drives traffic and revenue with Like2Buy, the first link-in-bio solution to bring shopping to Instagram. With Like2Buy, MAM saw a 105% increase in click-through rate, a 157% increase in site visits, and a 35% increase in average order value.

In real money, the boost in traffic and conversions from Like2Buy alone drove an extra £96k in annual revenue for MAM.

MAM found the Bazaarvoice “it” factor

From Ratings & Reviews and Sampling, to onboarding with Social Commerce, MAM has experienced great success in being a multi-product Bazaarvoice customer. Since MAM’s onboarding, Bazaarvoice has been there to guide the brand every step of the way to support their needs.

“I found Bazaarvoice very forward-thinking. As I was coming up with a problem, Bazaarvoice already had a solution, or had a solution coming. So there was definitely a knowledge and understanding of our needs and a drive to help solve our problem,” Parkhill said.

Smith added, “Bazaarvoice is the only brand who can do what it does. They’ve always been very supportive, always coming to us with new ideas and having new ones developing as well. It’s not like Bazaarvoice is standing still — they’re always acquiring new companies, which is also really nice because it gives us new opportunities we may not have thought about.”

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Increase in yearly revenue

with Bazaarvoice Social Commerce

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Founded n Austria in 1976, MAM are a worldwide leading manufacturer of premium baby products.

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MAM has grown to take brand leadership over the last five years. We’re the fastest growing brand in the bottle and soother accessory market, and Bazaarvoice has certainly supported that growth.

Lisa Parkhill

Managing Director, MAM

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