Top global fashion retailer sees $18.9M revenue boost in 60 days

As of 2024, Bazaarvoice has generated over $200 Million in incremental revenue for this retail giant, and is averaging a conversion rate lift greater than 7.2%

At a Glance


Improving on an already industry-leading conversion rate of 5.5%. This retailer knew machine learning could unlock further revenue gains. They approached Bazaarvoice to push the boundaries of personalization for its four brands that run autonomously.


Bazaarvoice partnered closely with e-commerce and IT teams across all four brands to develop a custom product spotlight system that met each brand's individual standards while leveraging shared cart and checkout data.


Immediate results - the Bazaarvoice integration increased revenue per visit and conversion rate by over 2% in the first 2 weeks alone and by an average of 3.6% over 60 days across all four brands.

$18.9 Million

in additional revenue

in just 60 days

This popular retailer leveraged Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce to personalize shopping experiences by delivering the right message at the right time across its four branded companies.

Even though this Fortune 250 retailer had already significantly invested in personalization and A/B testing across all of their brands’ e-commerce sites, they wanted to see how machine-learning-backed product spotlights could drive additional incremental revenue. There was only one problem: their four brands operated autonomously, with different branding, yet they all shared the same cart and check-out functionality.

Through close collaboration with the retailer’s e-commerce and IT teams, Bazaarvoice crafted a bespoke system that empowers the retailer to:

  • Display product spotlights designed to align with each brand’s standards
  • Share cart and check-out data across all four sites
  • Provide real-time reporting for overall performance across all brands
  • Still be able to drill down into each brand’s individual metrics

With the solution in place, the results were immediate

The retailer gained real-time reporting for overall performance as well as individual metrics for their four brands. The integration increased both revenue per visit and conversion rate by over 2% in the first two weeks alone.
Beyond the initial excitement, the results proved consistent and positive across all platforms. While gains were seen on all device types, smartphones, the retailer’s primary traffic source, experienced the most significant uplift. This aligns with the growing trend of mobile shopping and demonstrates the effectiveness of the solution in this critical area.

Furthermore, the trial period saw no negative impact on average order size or items per transaction, maintaining both metrics at consistent levels. This suggests that the product spotlights not only increased conversions but also resonated with customers, encouraging them to purchase more without compromising other key performance indicators.

Interestingly, Bazaarvoice messages strategically guiding shoppers towards the checkout process at the optimal moment delivered the highest conversion rate boost. This highlights the power of personalized and timely nudges in influencing buyer behavior and maximizing sales opportunities.

Proving value led to an expansion of the partnership

The retailer’s largest brand already had an industry-leading conversion rate of 5.5%, and were delighted by the large impact. Based on the success of their ‘proof of value’ 60 days, we moved forward with integrating Bazaarvoice’s Contextual Commerce solution with their four Canadian sites as well as their two factory sites.

$18.9 Million

in additional revenue

in just 60 days

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