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​​Top retailer hits $18.9M revenue in style in only 60 days

As of 2024, Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce has generated over $361 Million in extra revenue for this fashion retail giant, with an average conversion rate lift exceeding 7.7%.

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At a Glance


Improving on an already industry-leading conversion rate of 5.5%. This retailer knew machine learning could unlock further revenue gains. They approached Bazaarvoice to push the boundaries of personalization for its four brands that run autonomously.


Bazaarvoice partnered closely with e-commerce and IT teams across all four brands to develop a custom product spotlight system that met each brand's individual standards while leveraging shared cart and checkout data.


Immediate results - the Bazaarvoice integration increased revenue per visit and conversion rate by over 2% in the first 2 weeks alone and by an average of 3.6% over 60 days across all four brands.

$18.9 Million

in additional revenue

in just 60 days

Four distinct brands, one common goal

With an already industry-leading conversion rate of 5.5%, this popular retailer partnered with Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce™ to develop and deliver tailored shopping experiences across a total of 10 e-commerce sites across their four brands.

Despite already significantly investing in personalization and A/B testing across each of their brand’s sites, this Fortune 250 retailer wanted to see how Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce’s machine-learning-backed hyper-personalization could drive additional incremental revenue. There was only one problem: While all four brands operated autonomously and with unique brand identities, they all shared the same cart and check-out functionality.

Bringing it all together through contextualization

Through close collaboration with the retailer’s e-commerce and IT teams, Bazaarvoice crafted a customized system to empower the retailer to:

Display contextualization messages designed to align with each brand’s standards
Share cart and check-out data across all four sites
Provide real-time reporting for overall performance across all brands
Still be able to drill down into each brand’s individual reporting metrics

An impressive collection of lasting results

In the first two weeks alone, the integration increased both revenue per visit and conversion rates by over 2%. Beyond this initial excitement, the results proved consistent and positive across all platforms. In just 60 days, all four brands enjoyed a 3.6% lift in conversions.

While gains were seen on all device types, smartphones experienced the most significant uplift—aligning with the growing trend of mobile shopping and demonstrating Bazaarvoice’s effectiveness in this critical area.

The trial period also experienced no negative impact on average order size or items per transaction. Contextual Commerce both increased conversions and resonated with customers, encouraging them to purchase more without compromising other key performance indicators.

Coming in with an impressive conversion rate for its leading brand, the retailer was delighted by the large impact of the custom-built contextualization solution. Based on the success of their 60-day Proof of Value trial period, we moved forward with integrating Bazaarvoice Contextual Commerce™ on their four Canadian sites and two factory sites.

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$18.9 Million

in additional revenue

in just 60 days

About the company

Founded in 1969, this American retailer specializes in selling casual apparel, accessories, and personal care products through four standalone brands. Over the years, it has become one of the largest specialty retailers in the world, with stores across 40 countries and a significant presence in the fashion retail industry.

Watching our collaborative solution pay off is proof that when we combine a client’s vision with Bazaarvoice’s Contextual Commerce solution, magic happens.

Robyn Dubuc

Senior Software Engineer, Bazaarvoice

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