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Experienced in developing and manufacturing endurance accessories, Sealskinz empowers outdoor enthusiasts to defy the weather with products that are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The company works in partnership with some of the world’s greatest athletes to ensure that their products deliver the very best in comfort and performance.

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Sealskinz uses Conversations to increase shopper-purchaser conversion and uses input from customer reviews to learn about new customer demographics to target.

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Win over a worldwide audience of consumers and retailers in the highly competitive endurance-accessories space by educating them about the advantages of Sealskinz products.


Collect customer reviews online with Bazaarvoice Conversations and use them to promote the company and to collect feedback for continuous improvement.


Share information with shoppers that converts them to customers; share customer insights internally to support product development and sales.

How does a small company make a big impact? For endurance accessories brand Sealskinz, the key is relying on customer ratings and reviews. User-generated content gets the word out about the company to everyone from potential Sealskinz retailers to consumers who would benefit from using Sealskinz products.

Sealskinz’s biggest challenge is that very few companies specialize in the kinds of products that Sealskinz does, making reviews critical to helping people understand what Sealskinz offers and the ways in which the company’s products can be used.

“We’re a relatively new brand in a space that very few companies occupy,” explains David Richards, Head of Marketing at Sealskinz. “We have to educate people about the benefits of our products to win them over, and UGC is crucial to doing that.”

Converting online shoppers into Sealskinz customers

Since Sealskinz began using Bazaarvoice Conversations to collect and publish reviews on its website, the company has seen a dramatic increase in shopper-to-purchaser conversion. In December of 2014 alone, Sealskinz saw a 102.6% lift in conversion from visitors who engage with reviews compared to those who didn’t engage with reviews.

“It’s phenomenal what we see on conversion reports,” says David. “It’s better than I would have ever thought it could be.” 

Spreading the word through reviews, syndication, and seller ratings

For Sealskinz, being able to collect customer reviews and post them online is just one advantage of working with Bazaarvoice. Equally valuable is the ability to qualify reviews without having to resort to limiting who can submit a review.

“Some review companies will only capture content from purchasers, and that’s their way of qualifying reviews,” explains David. “But Bazaarvoice doesn’t limit the amount and type of information we can collect. They’re able to also validate content that’s captured from people using our products who aren’t necessarily online purchasers.”

Bazaarvoice also gives Sealskinz the ability to syndicate content, sharing reviews with retailers who in turn can share them with their own customers. For example, Sealskinz shared reviews of 34 products on 106 product pages of 4 retailer sites, amplifying those reviews by more than 4 times.

Bazaarvoice Conversations has a Google seller ratings feature, too, which gives Sealskinz the ability to collect and share reviews about the company itself and not just its products. Once ratings are sent to Google, they can appear in search results as well as Google Seller Ratings and Google Product Listing Ads.

“We’re a small company from a tiny area in the UK, and we don’t have millions of dollars to advertise how great we are,” says David, “so it’s important people have the trust of knowing we are a reputable worldwide company. That’s what Google seller ratings do for us.” 

Providing more data to enhance products and improve sales

It’s not just what consumers and retailers learn from reviews that’s important to Sealskinz’s success; it’s also what Sealskinz learns from them.

“With Bazaarvoice, we have the ability to access data we’ve never been able to get before,” says David. “We can see which products people are buying, how they’re using them, what their experience has been, and other information we can use to make them better and sell them more effectively.”

Sealskinz meets monthly to go over feedback from customers about lower-rated products and determine how to address their concerns. For example, based on feedback from reviews, Sealskinz made manufacturing changes to two products, therefore eliminating the issues that were affecting ratings.

Reviews also influence marketing and sales. “Content from reviews helps us identify key wholesale markets,” says David. “We have one general-purpose outdoor glove that reviews indicated was being used extensively for mountain biking. So we started targeting cycling retailers with it. At one store alone, they ordered 2,000 pairs. We would have never known to do that without reviews.” 

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