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Strategies, research, industry trends — your pulse on the marketplace

Audits, audits, audits. Hardly anyone’s favorite pastime. But I’m sure they would be if doing a quick audit meant strengthening customer loyalty, driving conversion, boosting sales, and ultimately increasing your revenue. Because that’s exactly what doing a simple audit of your user-generated content (UGC) will earn you.

We’ll spare you another push on the importance of UGC. It’s 2021, you already know that. Or at least, you should. (Here’s a handy guide incase you don’t!)

Now though, we’re taking things one step farther. It’s not enough to just have a UGC program, you need to have a strong UGC program. To ensure your UGC will have the highest possible impact, we’ve developed the Bazaarvoice User-Generated Content IQ Index, Inspired by Gartner’s Digital IQ Index:

These six areas are used to calculate your score. You can earn up to five points per section, and the average of the sections is your program IQ. Your target? 4.5 to be considered a best-in-class program.

Let’s break it down by section.

Display/User experience

Is your content easily accessible, recent, and visual? It should be. Almost 80% of shoppers say product reviews are most influential when making purchase decisions

Content collection

Are you asking for your shoppers to leave reviews and share photos, or are you just hoping they will? Optimize your content collection by leaning into the best channels (like post-interaction emails) and incentivizing as needed.

Content amplification

Does your UGC only live on your website, or are you getting the most out of it through syndication and different advertising channels? Let your content work for you.

Consumer insights

Can you find the themes in shopper reviews and feedback? What are you doing about it? Let your insights work for your business.

Reputation management

Do you know how to get your customers to trust you? It’s not just about positive reviews – it’s about staying far away from fake reviews, engaging negative reviews, and offering transparency.

Value measurement

Do you know how UGC provides value beyond your product pages? Start calculating syndication, amplification, and offline impact.

Honestly, all UGC is valuable to your business. But strong UGC is even better. Maximize the impact your UGC has with this easy audit and watch your bottom line soar.

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