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Video content marketing is more important than ever. If you aren’t already utilising video, then you run the risk of your brand getting left behind. That’s what makes Instagram TV so important and why we’re so excited to announce our newest feature.

Instagram TV (IGTV) is Instagram’s longform video feature, allowing users to post high quality videos anywhere between a minute and 60 minutes long. It’s the perfect function for video content creators looking to stand out.

More importantly, that makes it the perfect function for your brand and now, thanks to a recent Instagram API update, support is available on Bazaarvoice.

You asked, we listened

We already know how important utilizing Instagram Stories is if you want to dominate on Instagram, which is a necessity for brands today. Now, IGTV is becoming just as essential so we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that IGTV is now supported through the Bazaarvoice Visual & Social Content offering! 

Ever since IGTV was first released on the Instagram App, we’ve had frequent interest from clients. Thanks to our partners at Instagram, we’re able to quickly respond to this update and provide you with one of the first IGTV tools available.

We know full-well the importance of Instagram to most brands out there so we always take steps to offer the latest and greatest features available in the Instagram ecosystem. 

What’s the lowdown?

The new feature automatically pulls content from IGTV into our Instagram Analytics Dashboard. We will now provide you with engagement metrics, giving you another measurable benchmark alongside photo and Instagram Stories. But that’s not all! 

Unique to Bazaarvoice is the ability to make your IGTV channel shoppable. With the new integration, we can showcase your IGTV media content across the Bazaarvoice Network. Redistribute your IGTV posts to our Like2Buy, Galleries, and Showroom to get the highest ROI possible from your visual content.

You’re also able to put links directly into IGTV videos, making it incredibly easy for you to drive traffic to product display pages and other landing pages. Don’t worry, you still have the “link in bio” and “swipe up to shop” options so you can attract users whatever discovery path they take – a sure fire way to boost sales and drive your revenue.

What metrics can I track?

  • When you schedule a post on IGTV, you’re able to see those posts through BV’s Instagram Analytics pages. Your post will be displayed alongside your other regular feed posts on the Summary and Feed Engagement page, with comparable metrics to the rest of your feed posts. Metrics include: allowing you to report on your IGTV reach, impressions, total engagements, engagement rate, and video views. 
  • You can track your competitors’ IGTV posts through our Competitors page.
  • You’re able to measure IGTV posts that your influencers are posting in our Influencer dashboard.
  • You can ingest IGTV posts that include any hashtags that you’re tracking. The value here is that you’ll be pulling IGTV content into your media library, making it easy for you to distribute this content to our experiences and drive more value outside of Instagram.

Summed up in a tasty blurb:

You create a video and post it to IGTV and we’ll pull it into the platform to provide you with metrics on how it’s performing. In addition, you can repurpose your video across the Bazaarvoice Network for other e-commerce uses, like PDPs, landing pages, and your link in bio. There’s no reason your content needs to live and die on Instagram. The more channels you share it with in a meaningful, shoppable way, the more traffic and revenue you’ll drive (which we can track for you.) Easy as that. 

The thing is, Instagram is no longer just a nice little platform to showcase your products on. It’s an essential part of the e-commerce ecosystem. According to Instagram’s own research, 87% of users say they took action after seeing product information on Instagram, such as following a brand, visiting their website or making a purchase online. 

IGTV is a necessity in this ecosystem. With its increasing popularity, combined with the rise of video content marketing, it’s becoming the must-have tool for your brand to get ahead on social and drive conversion. Now with IGTV supported through the Bazaarvoice Visual & Social Content offering, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

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