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Strategies, research, industry trends — your pulse on the marketplace

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace. As the authoritative voice in the sector, they know what they’re talking about. As do its users. G2 users leave authentic reviews of tech companies and softwares around the world, so readers have an accurate idea of what technologies to do business with. Think of it as the Amazon of the tech world.

What have these industry experts been saying about Bazaarvoice lately?

Let’s have a look.

“Bazaarvoice makes it easy to respond to customers” 

  • “I like that I am notified whenever a customer question or review is received. It saves a tremendous amount of time since I don’t need to search for customer activity proactively.”

“Our UGC tool of choice” 

  • “I like the breadth of features that are available to me as an administrator that I can turn on to make the data collection and distribution more valuable.”
  • “We utilize Bazaarvoice to provide ratings and reviews to our largest accounts for their websites. We have gained shelf space in recent live reviews because of the quality of data we are providing for their websites. The Conversations platform is very user friendly and easy to teach new users how to get up to speed quickly.”
  • “The Product Catalog is helping keep content organized and consistent across retailer sites. Insights are helping provide a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment and competitors, as well as areas for improvement. Influenster sampling is allowing us to reach a hyper-targeted group of consumers and providing great UGC and social syndication. I just got several new retailer listing added that I did not realize weren’t connected to our account. It was great watching the reviews pour in!”

“A must-have for CX management!”

  • “Bazaarvoice is a fantastic platform for reviews management, product/brand exposure and product sampling. It has improved by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and is something I rely on daily for VOC management. I love BV Insights, the ability to syndicate reviews to/from retailers and Influenster sampling opportunities. The Product Catalog is also super helpful in keeping information organized and consistent across retailer sites. The ability to respond to questions and reviews is invaluable since consumers are putting so much trust into feedback from other consumers. Our Account Director has been so great through the renewal process and is always available for questions. She checks in frequently to make sure we are getting the most out of all BV has to offer! I also love how much the entire team is willing to work with us on anything and everything. The webinars and summits are extremely helpful and informative…they introduced me to all the great features available and helped me become an expert in no time.”

“Bazaarvoice has contributed to substantially growing our business” 

  • “Bazaarvoice boosts consumer perception of the products to not only grow sales & sell-through but also increases the likelihood of consumers becoming brand advocates. We are thrilled with the results and are actively & constantly looking to boost the volume of reviews on our site.”
  • “We can even syndicate reviews from our USA & UK websites to further increase review volume.”
  • “Our retailers all love it too – because we syndicate a substantial amount of reviews to their site.”
  • “Bazaarvoice brings multi-faceted solutions that spread throughout the business with a flow-on effect. We have seen this flow through the business over the last year and a half and are very excited with the future Bazaarvoice brings.”
  • “Brand advocacy is a huge benefit that Bazaarvoice brings – becoming a trusted brand with a reputation for quality and value – these can be perceived with star ratings and consumer comments.”
  • “In addition, this gives us the power and leverage to use as a sell story with retailers to get more of our products on shelf.”

“A great resource for gaining user-generated reviews on our products” 

  • “The support staff is very helpful and I really feel like it is a partnership. The account point people are on top of our account and check in frequently to make sure we are taking full advantage of our membership. They also are great and showing us new tools that they have recently added and working with us to take full benefit of the platform. I really feel like it is a great tool for generating user-reviews of our products. As a company these reviews help us understand our customer journey better and how we can possibly improve the journey.”
  • “We are understanding our customers challenges along with what is working well for them. I love that the reviews are syndicated to other retail web sites as well. We have run sampling through the platform and that has been very streamlined.”

“Curalate helps curate” 

  • “I like how curalate makes it easy to find tagged posts on Instagram through @ mentions and hashtags. It makes it so that I can see all those posts in one place and easily add them to our UGC portions on our website. Instead of having to go to Instagram and look for tagged posts manually, I can use curalate.”
  • “Making it extremely easy to locate user generated content and add them to our website, Instagram and other social media platforms in a timely and efficient manner.”

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