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More than a decade after revolutionizing hairstyling with the launch of its rst styler, ghd remains true to its founding ethos: the spirit of transformation. In addition to its iconic stylers, which continue to be a cult must-have for women in search of beautiful hair, ghd o ers a range of hair dryers and curlers, a line of styling products and a collection of professional brushes

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ghd uses Bazaarvoice Spotlights to improve search rankings of highly-competitive terms, increase organic traffic to category pages and boost revenue, while decreasing the cost of paid search efforts.

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Drive more visitors to a website that’s already #1 in searches for brand keywords.


Use Bazaarvoice Spotlights to showcase keyword-rich customer review content to drive traffic from searches for category keywords.


Boost search rankings and revenue, compete effectively for traffic with dominant online retailers and control the cost of creating category-page content.

Effective search marketing is critical to success in the competitive market for hair products. But Bazaarvoice client ghd had a challenge: Although their site was performing very well on organic search against brand-specific keywords, more generic, high-volume terms were not delivering strong organic results. Paid search closed some of the gap, but consistently positive ROI was hard to sustain. ghd needed to find a way to improve organic search rankings on those generic keywords.

To drive more shoppers to the website, the brand turned its attention to improving search rank for high-value, generic terms. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Bazaarvoice Spotlights is designed to do. The SEO-focused solution enabled ghd to significantly improve the quality and volume of search-friendly content on category-level pages, in conjunction with key on-site technical optimisations. For ghd, Spotlights used authentic, keyword-rich, consumer-generated reviews to achieve this goal.

“After building up review volume over several years of using Bazaarvoice Conversations Ratings & Reviews, showcasing review content on category pages to boost organic search rankings seemed like a natural next step,” says Rob Pye, eCommerce Director for

By using Spotlights' keyword-targeting functionality and patent-pending algorithms, ghd was able to improve search rank for non-brand terms in key markets, while sustaining search rank for branded phrases.

Improving ghd’s position in the most competitive searches

Since ghd began using Spotlights, the company has dramatically improved its position in searches for "hair straighteners," the most commonly used category search term in the hair products space in the UK and Australia.

“We were ranked between #5 and #6 for this term in the UK just prior to rolling out Spotlights. For most of the past year we have maintained rankings in position #2 and #3,” according to Pye.


“We experienced similar results in Australia; we formerly held position #3 consistently. Our hair straighteners page now consistently rank in the first position in that market.” says Pye.

Quantifying the gains in website visits

While noting that minor fluctuations in search rank are expected, Pye articulated the importance of each search position for top search phrases. In ghd's case, movement from position #3 to #2 in UK Google search rankings for the term "hair straighteners" a ects search traffic to ghd by thousands more visitors.


Identifying a cost-effective alternative to paid search

Prior to Spotlights, ghd tried using paid search to increase traffic from generic category keywords, but the practice proved costly and not very cost-effective.

“Using paid search, it's three to four times the cost to acquire traffic from more-generic search terms rather than branded terms,” says Pye. “And then once you do, it converts at a rate that's three to four times lower than branded search.”

Relying on Spotlights to drive traffic to category pages is more cost-effective than PPC. Furthermore, using review content on category pages to drive traffic has also expanded ghd's keyword footprint – not only improving rankings for terms the company already ranked for, but also causing it to rank well for new terms.

Adding more keyword-rich content without adding more resources

Just before Bazaarvoice introduced Spotlights, ghd had been consulting with its SEO agency about how to add more content-rich keywords to category pages to increase organic search traffic.

“One thing we looked at was putting an introductory paragraph on each category page as a way to compen- sate for not having dozens and dozens of products and SKUs on category pages the way large retailers like Amazon and Boots do,” says Pye.

With Spotlights, ghd is able to augment this approach using customer reviews to bring keyword-rich content to category pages. Spotlights also refreshes the content daily, drawing on the large and growing volume of reviews Bazaarvoice maintains for the brand, which makes ghd more competitive with major retailers who carry more products.

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