Improve channel partner content

Enhance your co-marketing strategy with UGC.

Put the best products front and center. Expand impactful user-generated content (UGC). Lift conversion across categories. When you empower your brand partners to send authentic UGC to your site, customers, brands, and retailers benefit. Who doesn’t love that?

Define content standards

Help brands supply rich product pages packed with UGC

Ensure there is a long tail strategy from day 1. Whether it’s syndicating reviews and visual content your brands have already collected, or increasing the number of questions and answers, we’ll figure out the best tactics on a case-by-case basis. We can tailor our solutions to any size and maturity level.

We’ll create sampling programs for products that need a boost in review volume. We’ll bolster visual content by collecting and displaying customer images. Or syndicate influencer content for brands with more awareness. And almost everything between. After all, it’s your platform – set the requirements, and we’ll help your suppliers meet them.

Empower your suppliers

Activate suppliers across your platform

Encourage suppliers to optimize their product pages on your channel. By analyzing customer feedback, you’ll empower your brands to boost their sales performance. You can set the threshold for ratings and reviews volume, quality, and recency; keeping your overall product offering well above your high quality bar. Or identify gaps in UGC coverage, and use our solutions to optimize the pages with high traffic but low conversion. They win. You win. Win-win.

Boost volume

Carry more products with higher ratings and reviews

Ensure you have enough content across your entire site to make you a preferred channel that consumers want to return to. Give customers the information they need to make a confident purchase without having to go offsite to find out more. You can use Ratings & Reviews to surface the best products to your customers, so they’ll learn they can depend on you for high quality purchases. Take a proactive approach to your UGC, and your customers (and your conversion rates) will thank you for it.

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Ratings & Reviews

Build shopper confidence. Gain traction in web traffic. Equip your customers with the information they need to make a confident purchase. Ratings & Reviews can help you grow customer loyalty along with conversion rates.

Retailer Managed Sampling

Grow review volume, coverage, and star ratings. Using sampling across your customer community and our expansive network, you can build high-quality UGC that converts.


Help your suppliers increase their ratings and reviews by receiving a continuous stream of fresh UGC on your site. We’ll tap into our 6 million-strong Influenster community to find authentic content that inspires purchases.

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A direct connection: How content is helping brands and retailers create partnerships and drive sales

Discover tools to build a pipeline of quality content that fuels the shopping experience. In this webinar, we’ll uncover the correlation between content and online sales, explore how to use that content to better engage customers, and uncover methods for measuring its success.

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