A Direct Connection: How content is helping brands and retailers create partnerships, drive sales

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    With the growth of e-commerce continuing to outpace that of brick-and-mortar, many traditional retailers have put into motion plans to digitally transform their businesses. Combine that with the ever-increasing number of brands that have begun selling their products direct to consumer online, and the e-commerce space has become exceedingly crowded and ultracompetitive. So how can retailers differentiate themselves and compete in such an environment? One critical way is through the intelligent use of content, both from customers (e.g., user-generated content) and their brand partners (e.g., product content). It has been proven that the more content brands and retailers are able to produce, the more sales they’re able to generate. But it’s more than just quantity; quality content is what drives consumer engagement, ultimately pushing them down the purchase funnel.

    This webinar will address:

    • The correlation between content and online sales
    • Ways that brands can generate product content to supply their retail partners
    • How retailers can use that content to better engage consumers, ultimately driving purchases
    • Ways to measure the success of brand and retailer content initiatives