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Nourison drives retail growth with user-generated content

Nourison improves the shopper experience and increases sales and visibility in search by syndicating reviews and social content to multiple retail partner sites.

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Needed to increase e-commerce sales and presence with major retailers to sustain and surpass its rapid growth.


Collect, display, and distribute both written reviews and visual and social UGC on retailer sites.


Stronger relationships with retailers, a 4x lift in conversions, and a 3x lift in revenue.


lift in revenue

stronger relationships with retailers and a 4x lift in conversions.

Nourison, having established itself as a leading supplier of rugs, carpets, and home accessories, now has its sights set on growth. Accelerating growth with retail partners, identifying and selling to new audiences, and scaling its product lines to over 40,000 SKUs are at the top of their to-do list. To sustain its growth trajectory and build shopper confidence, Nourison is improving the mix of content on its product pages with user-generated content (UGC).

Syndicating reviews to retailers increases conversion rate by 4x

Part of Nourison’s strategy for success has been getting the most bang for their UGC buck. With the ever-increasing amount of shopper-submitted images, reviews, and questions, Nourison saw an opportunity to improve the shopper experience. Nourison credits UGC with helping prove the quality of its products and generating more sales. It achieves 4x the conversion rate when shoppers interact with UGC.

“Ratings and reviews have become increasingly crucial to Nourison’s business. We see a direct correlation between our review coverage and revenue at retail, both in-store and online,” said Tracey Mendez, E-commerce Director at Nourison.

When it comes to rugs, carpets, and home accessories, each customer has unique needs around style, size, and price. This is where UGC, like ratings and reviews, excels. No one would buy home decor sight unseen and quality unproven.

Nourison is also taking advantage of the scope of the Bazaarvoice Network as it expands its reach to new retail partners. It syndicates to 32 retailers globally including Target.com and see’s its UGC program as the best way to deliver value to its retail partners.

“As we are expanding into new retail partnerships, we’ve found it useful that they are already part of the Bazaarvoice Network, and we can syndicate our reviews there too. Which has been great,” says Mendez.

Nourison UGC on Target website


Target and Nourison visual and social content

Syndicating social and visual content to retailers

Nourison is also tapping into the growth opportunity that social commerce offers by collecting visual UGC on social media, then distributing it to retailer sites via our Visual Syndication Network. Shoppers are up to 6x more likely to buy from a product detail page (PDP) with images from social.

“Nothing is better than seeing how others are styling their rooms. It helps our shoppers visualize a particular style in their living rooms and lifestyle,” said Megan Frederiks, Associate E-commerce Account Manager at Nourison.

Nourison website inspiration gallery with Bazaarvoice

Sampling for hero products

Nourison uses multiple ways to acquire more of the right content to drive e-commerce sales but specifically uses Bazaarvoice sampling for its hero product ranges and product launches.

“When we know a product line is likely to be successful, like our popular Aloha range, we run sampling campaigns to drive brand awareness and to support consideration and conversion,” said Mendez.

Insights at retail

To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, the company has resources dedicated to listening to the voice of its customers online. And insights from ratings and reviews are an excellent data source for this.

“Our team listens, learns, and responds to customer feedback and questions across all our retailers. We use those insights across our company to improve our products, our marketing messaging, and we’ve even identified new audiences to market to,” said Mendez

These past three years have brought more consumer behavior changes than we have seen in the last 20 years. Nourison has identified a new demographic of shoppers looking to change up the style of their living spaces more frequently and is creating new product lines to meet this need.

“The insights from reviews have allowed us to understand how our customers’ behaviors are changing. And helped us to identify and enter new markets.” continues Mendez.

Aloha range - Her product sampling with Bazaarvoice

What’s next?

As Nourison grows, they’ll have help from Bazaarvoice UGC experts and the Customer Success team to support its journey.

“Dan is the Man! We get great support from Dan to keep us on track with our user-generated content program. I have complete confidence in his skills and expertise.” said Frederiks.




lift in revenue

stronger relationships with retailers and a 4x lift in conversions.

About the company

Family-owned for more than 40 years, Nourison has excelled as the premier resource for area rugs, broadloom carpets, and home accessories.

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Ratings and reviews have become increasingly crucial to Nourison’s business. We see a direct correlation between our review coverage and revenue at retail, both in-store and online.

Tracey Mendez

E-commerce Director, Nourison

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