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The world of retail today is all about connection. In-store, online, and across social media, brands and retailers want to connect with consumers, and consumers want to connect with each other. At Bazaarvoice, it is our mission to make these shopping experiences feel connected.

We do this by giving individual consumers a voice in the enormous universe of e-commerce. By enabling shoppers to rate, review, and post photos and videos of products they have purchased, we help them connect with brands and retailers and provide feedback about their experiences for other consumers. This influential consumer-generated content is often displayed on our clients’ own websites but can also be distributed to other retailer websites where their products are sold, reaching more consumers and multiplying the impact.

In 2005, we started this business with our core Ratings & Reviews offering. A solution for brands to distribute this content to retailers, then called SyndicateVoice, soon followed as our second product. We then incorporated other forms of CGC like photos, videos, and questions and answers. Since then, we’ve built the Bazaarvoice Network one valuable connection at a time — brands to retailers, retailers to consumers, and consumers to the products they love. We’ve invested in the technologies, tools, and processes to create the world’s largest shopping network, all with an unwavering commitment to delivering the very best shopping experience.

Today, we are very pleased to open the Bazaarvoice Network to all brands. Now, brands of any size, regardless of their CGC provider, can display content across our global network of over 1,000 retailers and have the opportunity to reach over a billion shoppers each month.

Syndication to the Bazaarvoice Network enables brands to:

Expand your reach

When it comes to CGC, scale matters. Wherever you sell your products, you should have ratings and reviews from customers available for other shoppers to view. Through syndication, any content you collect can be shared to a variety of retailers, helping you to reach consumers in places you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Each month, we manage content for over 140 million products and syndicate more than 750,000 pieces of content. We connect consumers to products at an unrivaled scale. Our clients include the world’s top retailers, representing two-thirds of the IR100 in North America and nearly half of the IR100 in Europe — the nearest competitor’s network is one-tenth of our size.*

Foster brand trust

Consumer trust in review content is foundational to its value. If you’re going to syndicate your ratings and reviews, it is critical to be certain that your content is authentic and free from fraud and edits. We have sophisticated product matching and moderation to ensure that your content ends up displaying on the right product, at the right retailer, and that it meets quality and authenticity standards. On average, we moderate 4.6 million reviews within 72 hours of submission and prevent publication of more than 100,000 fraudulent reviews a month. The end result is that consumers get trustworthy content wherever they shop and that fosters trust in your brand.

Increase sales

Consumers who interact with CGC convert twice as often as those who don’t. Last year, our best-in-class clients saw a 19% site-wide revenue lift and a 119% revenue per visitor lift from shoppers who engaged with CGC.

With syndication, you can put this influential content in more places, in front of more shoppers. On average, brands that distribute content to retail partners see 76% more reviews per product and 36% more product coverage than if they had relied on native coverage. By distributing your ratings and reviews, your brand can increase sales and stay ahead of competition in your space.

Establish relationships with retailers

For brands that sell their products at retailers, navigating the world of channel sales can be challenging. In the retail world, the merchant is an important gatekeeper and stakeholder when it comes to a brand’s success. Merchants are extremely motivated to drive sales for their products. In addition to all of the consumer-facing benefits, having a review syndication strategy helps you build credibility with retailers. Syndication helps retailers collect more content that directly impacts sales. Showing your retail partners that you care about their business and their customers goes a long way.

Ratings and reviews syndication is a clear opportunity for brands that sell products at retailers. Content appears in more places, is seen by more shoppers, and influences more sales. Brands can put their best foot forward.

At the same time, retailers gain high quality, authentic content that drives SEO, sales, and engagement value, all without having to invest in their own infrastructure to gather, aggregate, and match content from the brands they sell.

Most importantly, consumers get authentic product content wherever they shop, and they know where that content comes from. This fosters connection to the brand, trust in the retailer, and confidence to buy.

We’re excited to offer more brands, retailers, and shoppers the opportunity to connect. Talk to us to learn more about syndication in the Bazaarvoice Network. More than a billion shoppers are waiting.

*Based on analysis of traffic among members of the IR500

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