Today, we at Bazaarvoice are excited to announce that our software is now available on the SAP App Center, the digital enterprise marketplace for SAP partners. We’re proud to be among the valued and trusted SAP partners, and look forward to bringing even more shoppers and brands together through the use of user-generated content (UGC) such as ratings and reviews, consumer questions and answers, and customer photos. 

With over 6,200 brands and retailers and over a billion shoppers worldwide, our network enables vast and valuable connections between your business and your customers, wherever they shop. Because shoppers are active in our network every day, we know what they’re shopping for and when, helping you deliver a personalized shopping experience that stands out. Bazaarvoice develops an incredibly customer-centric strategy with each client and provides high-quality services and support to ensure maximum ROI of your UGC program. 

Integrating our leading ratings and reviews solution into your SAP Commerce Cloud instance allows you to:

  • Collect and display review

Collect and publish authentic feedback from your customers to increase sales. According to our research, just one review on a product results in a 10% lift in orders, while 50 reviews causes a 30% lift in orders, and 100 reviews can lead to a 37% lift in orders.

  • Gather and display customer questions and answers

Allow shoppers to ask questions about your products and get input from experts, brand representatives, and previous purchasers, helping them quickly resolve uncertainties and confirm their decision to buy.

  • Send post-interaction emails

Automatically collect consumer opinions and data with post-interaction email messages. We’ve seen 4-9x more reviews garnered when this collection method is used by our clients. 

  • Gain access to the world’s largest shopper network

With thousands of brands and retailers and over a billion shoppers worldwide, our network enables vast and valuable connections between you and your customers, wherever they shop.

  • Leverage Bazaarvoice across your SAP CX stack

Integrate Bazaarvoice data into your SAP CX stack, SAP Sales Cloud for Audience Segmentation and SAP Marketing Cloud to drive targeted cross channel campaigns.      


Bazaarvoice is now on the SAP App Center! We are so excited to extend this partnership. We look forward to helping even more brands and retailers in a variety of ways, from increasing onsite conversion rates, to boosting SEO performance, to helping reveal valuable insights around products and marketing. To learn more, find our listing on the app center here.

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