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Target active shoppers on retail sites with relevant brand media and advertising.

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Reach more than 91 million shoppers - when they are actively shopping - through Bazaarvoice Media
Drive incremental revenue without lifting a finger

Harness the power of Shopper Media

It's time to rethink your digital marketing strategy to reach consumers where it matters most – in the digital and physical aisle along the path to purchase.   Shopper media, or ads in retail and shopping environments, are proven to be more effective than ads on traditional content publishers.  Discover what shopper media can do for you.

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Reach more than 91 million shoppers - when they are actively shopping - through Bazaarvoice Media

Bazaarvoice Media allows brands to target active shoppers where they research, compare, and ultimately make a purchase. We enable you to access active shoppers not only online but also in-store via our mobile ad targeting technology. We do so by powering your ads across our exclusive retail, shopping, and mobile partners across every step in the path to purchase.

Smart targeting technology

We ensure that your ad is seen by your relevant audience of active shoppers. Wherever they're shopping, your brand will be there.

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Drive incremental revenue without lifting a finger

With Bazaarvoice Media, your shopping or retail site can add substantial incremental revenue and influence shoppers where it matters most – where they're most engaged and ready to make a purchase.

Shopping sites invite an engaged audience who are more open to advertising because they're in the process of researching and making a purchase decision. Smart retailers recognize this opportunity to add an additional revenue stream and better serve customers by allowing brands to reach shoppers while they're doing research in advance of a purchase. Realize the opportunity to monetize 100% of your website traffic, not just those who convert.

Bazaarvoice Media's dedicated sales force handles all of the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Our solution gives you:

  • Full control of ad units, placements, and displayed brands.
  • Full service management of your online display ad inventory, from strategy to ad sales to payment.
  • The high performance ad-serving technology to meet aggressive retail site speed thresholds.
  • Smart targeting technology - deliver only the most relevant ads to the right consumer, at the right place, and the right time on your site.

Calculate your share of the $118.4B global spend in online advertising using our media revenue calculator.

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Bazaarvoice Media for retailers

Featured case study

Maximizing non-converting traffic is all upside for
Retail/ecommerce sites convert only 3% of traffic to a sale, so they are missing an opportunity to make money on 97% of their visitors. In 2010, decided to monetize by adding advertising to its site.
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Bazaarvoice Media Labs

Inventing the future.

The researchers at Bazaarvoice Media Labs are focused on one priority: driving new innovations for our customers that increase business value. That’s why we are teaming up with leaders from some of the top agencies and brands to co-create the future of media today.

The Bazaarvoice Media Labs Board of Advisors:

  • B. Bonin Bough, VP Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International;
  • Stephanie Gay, Partner, Digital Media at MediaCom; Dell
  • Rob Griffin, EVP, Director of Product Development, Havas Media
  • Jon Hsia, Head of Media Investment Mindshare; Unilever
  • Steve Katelman, OMD, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships
  • Stephanie Lawrence, VP Digital Director, MediaVest; P&G
  • Marleta Ross, VP, Global Marketing, American Express
  • Mike Solomon, Managing Director, OMD; McDonald’s
  • Kip Voytek, Director of Innovation, MDC

Labs focus areas include analytics and insights, shopper audience retargeting, and retail ad exchanges. Watch for ground-breaking solutions to emerge from Bazaarvoice Media Labs

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Research and insight