One of the primary benefits of using Bazaarvoice APIs is the ability to increase customization of your site. At the same time, this means more data for your business to wrap its efforts around.

Our two new API releases are set to make your day-to-day easier and more effective:

  • API analytics: Better understand your API key usage with our easy-to-navigate analytics feature in Bazaarvoice Portal. Gain clarity into which API keys are being called the most often and when. No development needed to access – just sign in to Bazaarvoice Portal > Developer Tools > API Analytics.

  • Transactions API: Your key to easier and better-timed content collection. This API offers another option to share transaction data with Bazaarvoice that is more flexible and allows for greater control over the post-purchase shopper experience. Learn more about gaining access to this API key by visiting the developer center.

Want to learn more about our available APIs? Check out some of our recent API releases: