Visual storytelling is at the forefront of consumer decision-making. 

Shoppers crave genuine narratives that showcase products in action and videos attached alongside written reviews provide just that.

In fact, 85% of consumers find videos essential when shopping online and about 48% of the consumers say that videos increase confidence in their purchases.​

With this in mind, we’ve streamlined the process for consumers to add videos alongside their written reviews by providing the ability for them to upload videos directly within the review submission form.

Now, clients eligible to use the Bazaarvoice API can update their review submission experience to capture more videos alongside reviews than ever before.

Get started with enhancing your review submission experience and increasing the number of videos submitted alongside written reviews by checking out this API documentation.

If you’re a customer using Bazaarvoice’s hosted display technology, don’t worry – we’re bringing this same enhancement your way in the near future!

Stat sources: Brightcove and Ascend2 Study