Updated: August 23, 2021

These service descriptions are intended to inform you about Bazaarvoice, Inc.’s (“Bazaarvoice”) services offerings, features, and functionality. Bazaarvoice may update these service descriptions from time to time, without providing notice, to ensure that they accurately reflect the current services and products we provide. The particular products and services included in your purchased solution will be outlined in the respective service order.


The Bazaarvoice Network

The Bazaarvoice Network is the summation of the Bazaarvoice Platform and Bazaarvoice solutions on Bazaarvoice client’s sites. The Bazaarvoice Network provides social data about the online and offline shopping behavior of more than 500 million monthly users, enabling marketers and Bazaarvoice clients to identify real-time purchase intent and better target consumers with more relevant, engaging experiences that drive e-commerce traffic and conversion, order value, brand loyalty and repeat business.

The Platform

Bazaarvoice offers standard solutions to enterprise-level and commercial-level clients as a SaaS platform (the “Bazaarvoice Platform”). The Bazaarvoice Platform utilizes both a hosted and API solution as well as analytics technologies including Bazaarvoice cookies and web beacons, and those of third parties. With this Platform we have been able to innovate quickly and scale over time while maintaining consistent and reliable service.


Ratings & Reviews

Conversations Ratings & Reviews allows consumers to view moderated review content submitted by other consumers that may be relevant and/or helpful to the end users’ purchase decision. Review content may include text reviews, star ratings, pictures, videos, etc. Ratings & Reviews includes the following capabilities (defined below): Portal, Post Interaction Email (PIE), Email Notifications (Social Alerts), Syndication, Photo/Video Upload, Bazaarvoice Analytics, and Web Analytics Integration. Ratings & Review content is moderated by Bazaarvoice before it is made publicly available.

Ratings and Reviews can be purchased in different Bazaarvoice packages, which result in different feature functionality. Those packages can be seen in our package descriptions.

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers allows end users to submit questions on the product/service detail pages of the client’s website and receive answers from other consumers, individual researchers (“Crowdsourced Answers”) and/or directly from the client. Questions & Answers go through the same moderation process as review content.

Visual and Social Content

Visual & Social content enables clients to collect imagery from Instagram) based on client-identified hashtags, business users or mentions/tags of your brand. Bazaarvoice may product-tag content with the corresponding product ID. 

Retailers who have purchased Visual & Social content to display on their site may receive brand-curated content from participating brands who are curating and attaining the user’s permissions to use content for e-commerce, promotional communications, and advertising.

Visual and Social content and functionality can be purchased in different Bazaarvoice packages, which result in different feature functionality. Those packages can be seen in our package descriptions.


The Visual Content API (Curalate API) is a REST API that provides access to various types of content and products. Content can be of any media type (images, gifs, videos) and from a mix of sources like brand editorial or user-generated content (UGC). The API provides query options for filtering, sorting, and selecting a subset of a brand’s content and products to power a wide variety of user experiences and data integrations.

Bazaarvoice Visual & Social Content Analytics

By integrating with major providers like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, Bazaarvoice can provide in-depth analytics and reporting on major indicators like time on site lift, conversion rate lift, and average order value lift, revenue and transactions.

Media Library

Media Library is the main hub for collecting, distributing and managing visual and social content. From the Media Library, you can view all your ingested content, content by users, and your team content. The Media Library also houses your tracked users and collections. 


Like2Buy turns your Instagram images into shoppable products. Like2Buy ingests your Instagram feed from posts and videos, enables you to product-tag them, and then make them shoppable by adding your Like2Buy link to your bio. Features include: pinned tiles, custom banners, email capture, and retargeting to look-alike audiences based on who clicks on the link.


Reveal enables clients to have a single productized image and embed in a variety of places. This content can be embedded in several types of media such as hero images for your site, blog, lookbooks, or even share them with influencers to host on their sites. 


Showroom takes any media and makes it a shoppable link. The link leads to a landing page experience hosted by Bazaarvoice where you can see the media, its tagged products as well as recommended media and products. This drives product discovery and bridges social and ecommerce. These dynamic landing pages are most commonly shared with images in Instagram Story Swipe-Ups and Facebook Posts, however these pages can be posted anywhere that a URL can be posted.


Galleries aggregates your visual and social content so that it can be used to display visual and social content on your brand’s website, on a microsite, or on Facebook.  The display allows for some customization to better match the look and feel of your website. You have complete control over which images are displayed in Galleries. Platform Capabilities include: Customizable Templates, Pinned Images, Localized Language & Currency, Content Syndication, Category Filters, Revenue Tracking, ADA Compliance, Smart Product Tagging, Video and Static Images, Photo Uploader.

Social Scheduler

The social scheduler allows a brand to schedule content to publish to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

White Label Experience

Remove the “Powered by Curalate” icon on your on-site galleries to keep greater control over the site aesthetic.

Product Tagging Service

Where applicable, Bazaarvoice will product-tag images on behalf of the client. Each photo that is tagged with a product is considered a single item. A client will choose which images to publish. Bazaarvoice will not automatically publish product-tagged images. 

Influencer Tracking

Influencer tracking allows clients to track, organize, and report on influencers based on their Instagram handles. It measures the ROI of your influencer content using metrics like Follower Engagement Rate, Earned Media Value, likes, comments. Clients can also compare your influencers in lists based on their average Follower Engagement Rate, and Earned Media Value.

Additional Influencers

For clients who would like to be able to track more influencers in their dashboard than included in their current Bazaarvoice service package. 

Competitor Tracking

Competitor Tracking allows clients to compare your net follower growth, posting frequency, average likes, average comments, and average follower engagement rate to key competitors over time. 

Additional Competitors

For clients who would like to be able to track more competitors in their dashboard than included in their current Bazaarvoice service package. 

Source + Product Tag

For clients who have a Visual and Social package that includes “Source + Product Tag”, Bazaarvoice will source pieces of content that comes from the following sources:

  • Mentions + tags their brand on Instagram
  • Identified hashtags
  • Content posted by specific Influencers
  • Content posted historically to IG, FB, Pinterest for that brand

For clients who have a Visual and Social package that includes “Source + Product Tag”, Bazaarvoice will product tag content by using a client’s catalog or by adding a client’s own custom link as a tag.

The limits for sourcing and product tagging are detailed in the package description.


Brand Community Sampling: Allows clients to engage their advocates to help generate product reviews using a Bazaarvoice hosted portal that is branded for the client. This portal allows clients to invite their own advocates to join the client’s program, create campaigns that offer their advocates free products, and request their honest and unbiased reviews to augment existing Bazaarvoice review content. Sampling includes the following platform capabilities (defined below): Portal, Configuration Hub, and Responsive Design.

Bazaarvoice Sampling: Customized brand and retailer packages sent to targeted groups of Influenster members. Brands place their products in their exclusive box and send them to Bazaarvoice community members of their choice, in exchange for high-quality reviews, photos, and social posts.

Sampling Campaign: A sampling campaign is defined as a set of activities to be provided by Bazaarvoice within a specified time period. The activities and attributes must apply to all sampling units included in the sampling campaign and cannot be split into smaller increments.

Sampling Fulfillment Services: Bazaarvoice offers a complete fulfillment solution that may accompany a sampling campaign. Clients ship all their products to one of our many hubs and the Bazaarvoice team takes care of the rest. This service includes: receiving and sorting products, printing boxes and materials, and shipping all boxes directly to the sampling community.

Custom Voxbox: Bespoke brand packages sent to targeted groups of Influenster members. Brands can place their products in their exclusive box and send them to member segments of their choice in exchange for honest reviews, social posts, feedback, and other calls to action.

TryIt Sampling: Allows clients to accelerate review collection by running product sampling campaigns with the Bazaarvoice TryIt sampling community.

Co-Op Voxbox: Themed packages sent to targeted groups within the Influenster community filled with non-competitive products. Brands can place their products in the boxes to be included in season shipments, to drive product trials and receive honest reviews, social posts, feedback, and other calls to action.

Digital Activations: Customized campaigns that target a brand’s key demographics in the Influenster community and get them to take specific actions for your brand like trialing or purchasing products, visiting brick and mortar locations, or attending events.

InfluenSTARs: Activation of Influenster members with high social followings and engaged audiences, to create high-quality campaign content on behalf of a brand and amplify that content on their own social channels.

Content Creators: Activation of Influenster members with high-quality content creation capabilities and engaged, motivated audiences to create visually compelling campaign content on behalf of a brand and amplify that content on their own social channels.

ReviewAds: License review content left on Influenster.com as creative assets for marketing purposes and/or access to proprietary reviewer data in order to optimize the performance of digital advertising.

Research and Survey: Create and receive custom market research by surveying segments of the Influenster community.

Branded Content: A service utilizing Influenster’s creative studio to produce curated content about your products.


Organic reviews of your products collected on Influenster.com, sent directly to your Bazaarvoice implementation to display on your site and syndicate to the Bazaarvoice network.

Premium Network Insights

Allows brands to quickly see their UGC Performance, Sentiment, and Named Competitor insights at retailers across the Bazaarvoice Network in one holistic dashboard. Brands can drill down by brand, category, country, and e-commerce site.

Brand Edge

Brand Edge Starter: Allows clients to send non-customizable emails, distribute content to one retailer, and measure basic review insights. Content is owned by Bazaarvoice.

Brand Edge Professional: Allows clients to send non-customizable emails, distribute content to the Bazaarvoice Network, and measure basic review insights. Content is owned by client with unlimited exports.

Brand Edge Enterprise: Allows clients to send customizable email campaigns, distribute content to the Bazaarvoice Network, and measure advanced review insights. Content is owned by the client.


The Bazaarvoice Connections service lets brands interact directly with end users on retail client websites across the Bazaarvoice Network using a secure web portal to access, monitor, and respond to consumer questions (through Connections Basic) and reviews (through Connections Premium, which includes review response). Through Connections brands can address concerns, make product recommendations, aggregate important consumer feedback across multiple retail channel websites, and otherwise push content to the retail client websites. The Bazaarvoice Connections service comes with analytics tools that are described as part of the Bazaarvoice Analytics service. In addition, clients are provided access to the Portal (defined below).

Crowdsourced Answers

The Crowdsourced Answers feature leverages 3rd party services to respond to a portion of questions posted on the client’s website. Crowdsourced Answers aids clients by providing answers which may exist in other public sources other than the electronic retailer. Crowdsourced Answers are moderated before being made public.

Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector allows clients to integrate their own Salesforce Enterprise account with Bazaarvoice Conversations. With the Salesforce Connector clients are able to import native consumer generated content (CGC) directly into their own Salesforce Enterprise account. In addition, Salesforce Connector enables clients with the ability to respond to native reviews and/or questions from within their own Salesforce Enterprise account.

Bazaarvoice Network Distribution

Bazaarvoice’s Syndication (Distribute) service enables a single piece of submitted content to be displayed across the Bazaarvoice Network. This allows the content to reach more users across the Bazaarvoice Network than it would if displayed on only one site and empowers clients to take an active role in increasing content volume, improving content coverage, and selling more successfully through online and offline channels. Clients that host their own Ratings & Reviews experience must meet all of the Ts and Cs for syndication content usage as defined in the Network Content Policy. Key terms are attribution of the source, disclosure of incentivization, and data collection.

Analytics Tools, as described below, are provided to help clients track the display of syndicated content. Only content that meets moderation and authenticity guidelines is displayed.

Clients licensed with Ratings & Reviews can distribute consumer generated content into the Bazaarvoice Network through eith content flow identified below and as expressly set forth in the Service Order.

Standard Syndication (Distribute): Standard Syndication allows content collected by manufacturers through their use of Bazaarvoice solutions to be displayed on retailer sites.

Intra-Client Syndication: Intra-Client Syndication allows a client to share content collected through its use of the Bazaarvoice solution across multiple licensed client sites.

Platform Capabilities


The Bazaarvoice Conversations API is a web service interface that connects Conversations services with 3rd party applications and allows Bazaarvoice clients to build custom applications which display and submit consumer generated content.

Bazaarvoice Analytics

The Bazaarvoice Analytics service provides comprehensive performance metrics and an ROI reporting system on the content collected by Bazaarvoice clients and is fully integrated into a browser-based reporting tool. The Bazaarvoice Analytics service allows measurement of interactions with Bazaarvoice Services on the client’s website, the impact of those interactions, and the progress of those measurements in relation to the client’s goals.

Measurement is obtained through the use of the Bazaarvoice Analytics tag which is deployed on the client’s site.

The Bazaarvoice Analytics service includes content volume metrics, product performance, conversion* tracking, and other measures of success, including those derived through the integration of Bazaarvoice collected data with data from Bazaarvoice clients and/or third parties.

For example, with Bazaarvoice accelerated ROI measurement tools, the client can see:

  • A comparison of the behavior of client’s customers who interact with Bazaarvoice versus those customers who don’t
  • The conversion rates among customers who interact with Bazaarvoice
  • The revenue impact resulting from the Bazaarvoice Services
  • Product & feature performance

*Conversion refers to the particular action that the client defines as the goals of using the Bazaarvoice Services (e.g., increased content volume, sales, and traffic to the client’s website).

Bazaarvoice Client Portal

The Bazaarvoice Client Portal (“Portal”) is a content management & reporting system for consumer generated content that allows the client to analyze all submitted consumer generated content, configure and schedule automated reporting, manage individual submitted content and share content or reporting metrics internally. The Portal also provides a central location for the client to directly respond to reviews, questions, and answers on the website, provided that the client has purchased Questions & Answers.

Configuration Hub

The Configuration Hub (“Hub”) enables the client to take control of the configurable features and functionality of the Bazaarvoice Platform, allowing for rapid deployment and customization to meet dynamic business demands.

The Hub is a web-based interface that lets the client’s team configure and adapt the Bazaarvoice Conversations implementation to the client’s individual specifications. It features a-step-by-step Guided Mode option including resources, documentation and contextual videos.

By using the Hub, the client’s front-end designers or web developers can take ownership of the configuration process by allowing clients to develop and define the end users’ experience including available features, configuration, and styling. These configurations can be published to the Staging environment for testing, as well as to production.

Daily XML Data Feed

Bazaarvoice will provide a daily XML feed of data submitted by client’s end users in connection with the Services to Bazaarvoice FTP servers, which the client may download at no additional cost.

Email Notifications (Social Alerts)

End users may receive an alert when their content has been posted, when the client has responded to their review, when a comment is received, or when a new question or new content is posted on a particular product. Additionally, the client may elect to send a notification to an end user whose content was rejected during moderation, along with a brief explanation of the reason for rejection. Using Social Alerts closes the communication loop with customers and helps drive additional traffic to the client’s website.

Photo/Video Upload

Photo/Video Upload allows consumers to attach visual aids to consumer generated content which is submitted to Bazaarvoice for moderation and display. Users are limited to six still images (photographs) per submission. Users may also submit a Youtube URL to a video less than five minutes in length.

Post Interaction Email (PIE)

Post-Interaction Email allows the client to communicate with its customers following an online interaction (e.g. purchase, submission of review content, etc.). This email provides a direct, personal connection between the client and the customer, and is an opportunity for the client to directly request that the customer provide a product review. These emails are customizable through the Hub, allowing for individualized text, look, and wording of emails sent to customers.

For Post-Interaction Emails, the client must provide certain purchase data to Bazaarvoice, either by:

  • Applying a transaction/interaction tag (Bazaarvoice Analytics tag) on the order confirmation page. In this case, the tag transmits securely encrypted purchase/ interaction information to Bazaarvoice.
  • Setting up a recurring purchase feed that is delivered to Bazaarvoice, based on Bazaarvoice specifications. This feed contains user IDs and information about each user’s purchases and interactions, allowing for the sending of PIE.

Bazaarvoice uses a white-label email service provider to deliver the Post-Interaction Emails.

Responsive Design

The Bazaarvoice Conversation display uses responsive design to quickly and easily change the page layout to adapt to the viewer’s screen size, keeping the page easy to read and to interact with. This provides for the content to have maximum impact on end users regardless of the device’s screen size.

Seller Reviews

Seller Reviews functionality allows end users to review their experience with a business. Seller Reviews are collected by Bazaarvoice on behalf of the business via email solicitation. Once submitted, the Seller Reviews are displayed on a public-facing Bazaarvoice website (ratings.bazaarvoice.com) as well as third-party sites (e.g., Google, Google Search Partners) and can also be displayed on the business’ website. End users may only submit reviews if they have transacted with that business and received an email requesting a seller review. Bazaarvoice hosts the review submission form, and all reviews pass through the Bazaarvoice moderation process and are subject to the Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy.

SEO Integration

Bazaarvoice optimizes all review content that has passed moderation to be crawled and indexed by search engines and provides it in speed-optimized markup to be included on individual product pages. Clients can integrate the SEO optimized content to their product pages using one of two methods:

  • Cloud SEO SDK – easy to implement server-side snippets that integrate the user-generated content leveraging a fast, efficient, content distribution network
  • Smart SEO – static snapshot of the client’s user-generated content delivered daily

Translated Reviews

The Bazaarvoice Translated Reviews includes sharing and translation of reviews across markets. Clients can choose to send all historical and ongoing reviews from one market to appear amongst local reviews in another market. Those reviews appear in the original source language until a shopper clicks-to-translate reviews into their local language. All reviews will appear in order of recency, regardless if they are local or sent from another market. Bazaarvoice leverages the Google Translation API. The Translation API uses Google’s pre-trained neural machine translation to deliver fast, dynamic results. The functionality available with Translated Reviews is based on the languages and capabilities Google supports as part of the Google Translation API.

Clients who are part of the Professional or Enterprise service level package can use this feature for Bazaarvoice locale-specific displays. They are entitled have purchased, up to 240,000 review translations. For clarity, One English review translated to French and German equals two reviews.

Web Analytics Integration

The Web Analytics Integration measures the value of on-site social interactions against the client’s pre-existing key performance indicators (KPIs). Specifically, Web Analytics Integration injects tags into the client’s existing web analytics provider, containing descriptions of website visitors’ interactions with submitted user-generated content (including which features have been interacted with and how those interactions occurred).

Web Analytics Integration requires clients to facilitate integration and establish reporting criteria with guidance from Bazaarvoice.

Client must notify their web analytics team in advance of a website redesign affecting the way Bazaarvoice Services are displayed or changes to any tags used for this feature. Failure to notify your team of such changes may result in inaccuracies in web analytics reports. Changes in reporting metrics are forward-looking only, and do not retroactively impact prior reporting.

Web Analytics Integration is available through one of the Bazaarvoice partner configurations: IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics), Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture), and Google Analytics. Integrations with other analytics providers may be supported but may require additional implementation resources and incur additional costs.

Standard Services

Client Care (Support)

Client Care services provides technical support assistance to clients through multiple channels including: Live Chat (US only), telephone support, and online case submission via the Bazaarvoice support portal. Clients also have other resources available including Bazaarvoice community resources and the Bazaarvoice Knowledge Base portal.

Client Success Services (CSS)

Bazaarvoice’s Client Success team consults with clients on how to best integrate user-generated content into their business. The Client Success team guides clients in strategies to collect content then how to use that content within their business. The Client Success team uses an engagement framework with clients to identify goals, define a strategy, guide the client on execution and follow up on results.

Content Moderation

Bazaarvoice moderates submitted content prior to posting the content to the client’s website using a combination of technology filters and a Bazaarvoice moderation team. Content is approved if it passes the moderation guidelines agreed to by Bazaarvoice and the client and meets the obligations contained in the Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy.

Moderated content that does not pass the moderation guidelines is rejected and not posted to the client’s website. However, such rejected content is available to the client through the Portal for analytics and reporting purposes. Rejected content also contains meta tag(s) indicating the reason for the rejection.

In the case of content submitted with an attached photo/video upload, the content and media upload are considered a single submission. If the content itself is rejected, or the photos/videos are rejected, then the entire submission will not publish on the client’s website.

Professional Services

Advanced Content Tagging (ACT)

Bazaarvoice applies additional content coding and meta-tags to the client’s content, according to mutually agreed-upon standards and guidelines. ACT is in addition to the standard moderation services offered by Bazaarvoice. With ACT, clients can see trends across their content along certain parameters depending on client’s industry (e.g., comments about fit for apparel clients or comments about taste for a client that sells vitamins) and use that data for valuable insights and actions such as marketing campaigns, product improvement, shipping changes, etc. These tags are “neutral”, meaning that they do not affect the moderation process nor do the tags themselves appear on the client’s website.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services provide Clients with best practices, strategy or implementation support in onboarding or operating the Bazaarvoice platform or related products. Consulting Services vary by client and are based upon a determination of client needs or requests through a scoping process. A Statement of Work (SOW) evidences each project and details in writing, the work to be performed, the timing and duration, the client responsibilities and resulting consulting service fees for the project.

Managed Services

Managed Services provide clients with operational expertise and/or assistance in the ongoing use or operation of the Bazaarvoice platform or related products. Managed Services vary by client and are based upon a determination of client needs or requests through a scoping process. Managed Services activities are generally limited to: 1) assistance in execution of business processes that support the operation of Bazaarvoice platform or products; or 2) technical assistance in the ongoing optimization and maintenance of the Bazaarvoice platform or products on behalf of the client. An SOW evidences each Managed Service engagement and details in writing, the work to be performed, the timing and duration, the client responsibilities and resulting Managed Service fees for the work to be provided. Managed Services engagements are typically contracted for a specific term or length of time.

Load Testing

Bazaarvoice offers load testing against Bazaarvoice production servers. This service is intended for existing customers who want to prepare for major sales events by artificially generating larger than normal traffic patterns. Bazaarvoice will ensure that:

  • Bazaarvoice’s rate limits are sufficient to perform the test.
  • Bazaarvoice’s servers are scaled to handle the anticipated load.
  • Bazaarvoice will provide the customer with a report detailing Bazaarvoice’s server performance during the load test.

Data Privacy Practices
Bazaarvoice’s data use, processing, collection, and storage practices will be in accordance with Bazaarvoice’s Privacy Policy.

Legacy Products

Products under contracts initiated prior to June 2018.

Campaigns (Stories)

Campaigns allows end users to submit personal stories about any topic selected by the client, such as the end users’ experience with the brand or how using a particular product has improved their life in a meaningful way. This content may include relevant photos and videos which will appear on the client’s website once the content and media have been moderated. In addition, clients are provided access to the Portal (defined below).


Bazaarvoice Intelligence is an on-demand analytics solution that enables clients to uncover detailed product and consumer insights from customer-generated content collected through the client’s existing Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews feature.

Clients can surface insights from easy-to-use visual dashboards and related interfaces and subscribe to receive personalized email notifications based on a brand, category, and/or product.

Surfaced insights are driven by text analysis of customer sentiment tied to products.


Local Basic: The ability to collect and display service reviews on local service providers. The package does not include any ability for Local Providers to engage with the solution. Local dashboard integration and local provider email notification capabilities are not included. Local Basic includes access to the following Platform capabilities solely to clients, which are each further defined below: Portal, Configuration Hub, Responsive Design, Post Interaction Email (PIE), SEO Integration, Photo/Video Upload, Daily XML Data Feed, API, Bazaarvoice Analytics, Analytics Tools for Syndication and Connections Clients, Web Analytics Integration.

Local Engage: The ability for Local Providers to monitor and respond to reviews via a dashboard. Local Providers receive email-based alerts when reviews are received for their location. They are able to respond via email or directly in the Local dashboard. Local Providers’ use of Local Standard must comply with the Local Provider Terms. Local Engage includes access to the following Platform capabilities to clients and Local Providers, which are each further defined below: Portal, Configuration Hub, Responsive Design, Post Interaction Email (PIE), Email Notification (Social Alerts), SEO Integration, Photo/Video Upload, Daily XML Data Feed, API, Bazaarvoice Analytics, Analytics Tools for Syndication and Connections Clients, Web Analytics Integration.

Local Brand Management: A package that includes Social Sharing and 3rd party monitoring.

Social Sharing: The capability for reviewers to be prompted after the submission of their review to share it to Google+ or Yelp. The feature allows users to click over to the 3rd party site and recreate their review on that site.

3rd Party Review Monitoring: The ability for clients and Local Providers to see reviews written on third party social platforms and to measure brand visibility based on location, including monitoring business listings for completeness and accuracy.

Local Consulting Services: The Bazaarvoice Local Program Services team provides recommended best practices for driving review volume as well as activation, education, and communication with local providers to maximize program success.

*Local Provider refers to the individual dealers, agents, or stores affiliated with a brand company owned or controlled by client. Unless otherwise stated, Bazaarvoice counts Local Providers as the greater of: (1) the number of individual locations covered by the Local Application Services; (2) the number of Client’s independent business entities covered by the Local Application Services; and (3) the number of other entities requested by Client to be covered by the Local Application Services.

Products under contracts initiated prior to November 2020


Instashop offers a single gallery page to more cost-sensitive buyer with less sophisticated marketing needs to bring social content onto one site page. It also features limited functionality compared to galleries.

Galleries Localization

Curalate provides global brands the ability to connect with their consumers in different geographies through content localization. With multi-product feed ingestion, smart tagging, and intelligent localized delivery, brands can ensure that the most relevant and targeted product information is delivered to every consumer – no matter where they are. Localization supports: multiple product catalogs, automated country and language detection, localized currencies and pricing.

Media Library

The Media Library serves as a management repository for social and visual content. The media library ingests content from hashtags, influencers, brand Instagram, Instagram tagged or mentioned content. It also supports manual uploads for studio shots and other brand-owned images and videos.

Facebook DPA Feed

Facebook DPA feeds enable brands to replace their facebook ad feed imagery with engaging social content to reduce cost per lead and cost per acquisition and drive click through rate.

Renewable only products as of November 2020


Curations enables clients to collect content including video, photos and text across participating social platforms (e.g. Instagram, Twitter) based on client-identified hashtags, keywords and/or other brand identifiers. Bazaarvoice may moderate the content and, in many cases, may tag the content with the corresponding product ID. Curations includes the following Platform capabilities: Responsive Design, API, Curations Console, and Bazaarvoice Analytics.

Brand-curated content that has received consent from users to be displayed, may be shared across participating partners in the Bazaarvoice Network and may be brought directly into the consumer’s shopping experience to increase engagement and conversion. Retailers who have purchased Curations may receive Brand-curated content from participating brands who are curating and attaining the user’s permission to use the content for e-commerce.

Renewable only products as of March 2020


Spotlights repurposes a client’s reviews from product pages into a module that resembles product recommendations on the category or other up-funnel page. The proprietary algorithm leverages average rating, content volume, and sentiment analysis to select and rotate keyword rich reviews. Client will select a layout template, and has the ability to customize the display by using CSS.