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It’s official – Bazaarvoice has been certified as a Great Place to Work in the UK! The coveted award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Bazaarvoice. This year, 94% of our employees in the UK said it’s a Great Place to Work. This certification says what we already knew about our world-class workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership.

I started at Bazaarvoice almost eight months ago. Even though I began in the midst of the pandemic, I immediately recognized that it was a Great Place to Work. I was welcomed with open arms and I’ve been delighted by the support, compassion, eagerness, and resilience that our team members have shown during this time. Although the last year and a half has brought us some of the hardest trials of our lifetimes, I’m glad to have found my home at  Bazaarvoice.

It’s very reassuring and comforting to know that my colleagues feel the same way that I do. In order to become certified as a Great Place to Work, a large number of Bazaarvoice employees in the UK took a survey about our work culture. 

  • 95% of us agreed that our work environment is friendly and welcoming, and we can have fun and enjoy each others’ company 
  • 93% said they felt a sense of camaraderie with each other
  • 92% said that they enjoy their colleagues and feel as though they can be themselves at work, and can count on their coworkers
  • 91% agreed that there is a sense of ‘family’ and ‘team’ in the workplace 

Great Place to Work certification is recognized worldwide by employees and employers alike and is the global benchmark for identifying and recognizing outstanding employee experience. One of our company’s core values is ‘stronger together’, and I think that this award is a perfect personification of the way we live out that value. 

We’re so thrilled that our employees have agreed that we deserve this recognition, and there is no way we would have received it without all of their dedication to our community, culture, and success.

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