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Quotatis offers 5-star service to its partners and customers

Quotatis relies on Bazaarvoice to collect and disseminate customer ratings and opinions on the services of tradespeople.

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Ensure the quality of service provided by tradespeople registered with Quotatis in order to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.


Collect, disseminate and analyze customer ratings and reviews to identify strengths and areas for improvement in the services provided by tradespeople, allowing for an optimized customer experience.


More than 12,500 customer reviews collected since the solution was introduced and 70% of tradespeople achieved an average rating of 4.7/5.



since the solution was introduced.

Created in 1999, Quotatis has been a member of the Adeo Group since 2014. The Adeo Group is the third largest global player in home improvement, home living, tools and DIY for both individuals and home improvement professionals.

Since it first started out, Quotatis has connected individuals and construction professionals by helping homeowners find suitable professionals to complete their small to medium-scale home improvement projects.

With the Quotatis system, individuals can choose a date for the work to be carried out, which is then confirmed by the available tradespeople. This also benefits tradespeople by eliminating the need to spend time trying too to line up prospects and creating quotes – especially for small, low-return projects that may not be particularly profitable.

This may push professionals to focus on larger projects but they are then faced with periods of inactivity between jobs, even though this time could have been filled with smaller jobs. It is for these reasons that, since 2018, Quotatis has selected a tradesperson for every customer who has purchased a product from Leroy Merlin and wishes to benefit from an installation service. In order to ensure impeccable quality of service, Quotatis selects the tradesperson based on their profile, including the skills and services they offer and the geographical area they cover.

At the end of each service, customers are also asked and invited to share their opinions and experience of the tradesperson through the Bazaarvoice solution.

Collecting consumer feedback helps humanize the relationship between customers and tradespeople

The Bazaarvoice solution is simple and easy to use. It enables Quotatis to ask customers about various aspects of the service provided, such as quality, speed, advice, punctuality and even friendliness. Customer reviews are collected via email after the service has been provided. However, in order to maximize the number of reviews collected, Quotatis has developed an SMS feedback solution. This powerful tool enables you to obtain more feedback. Since the SMS solution was introduced, the response rate has grown from 22% to 28%. Reviews are moderated by a team at Bazaarvoice to ensure that they are authentic and to make sure that only customers who have purchased an installation package can leave a review.

Once collected, the reviews are published on the Quotatis platform and the Leroy Merlin website, offering excellent visibility. As for the Leroy Merlin website, reviews are posted on the pages of the tradespeople offering product installation services.

In terms of the future, the aim is to continue to collect more and more customer feedback in order to guarantee satisfaction and to continue to offer quality services through trusted tradespeople. Quotatis and Bazaarvoice would like to collect reviews through the Quotatis app so that, after installing a product, tradespeople can request customer feedback more directly.

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Giving tradespeople a tool to understand customer sentiment

The Bazaarvoice platform offers many benefits to both customers and tradespeople. Its rating and quality assessment system is key when it comes to referencing Quotatis service providers.

Ratings and reviews are used in a variety of ways. First, they are used in Quotatis’ evaluation of a tradesperson. Any newly registered tradesperson must do an initial test job and the tradesperson must achieve a minimum score of 4/5 in order to be able to officially receive further job inquiries.

Second, the Quotatis algorithm uses the customer’s rating of the tradesperson to help identify the ideal service provider for carrying out the specified work, and finally, Quotatis also chooses their best tradesperson of the month based on the ratings provided through Bazaarvoice.

“I have completed 178 jobs since I first started working with Quotatis and have achieved an average rating of 4.9/5 for these services. This rating proves the quality of my work in black and white and allows me to communicate openly and honestly with my future customers. Reviews help provide reassurance, with consumers increasingly relying on feedback from their peers,”  says Michal Kowalski, Manager of Kowalski Aquaservice, who has been a Quotatis partner tradesperson since 2019.

Understanding how a customer feels is essential, especially if they are not satisfied. When a service is rated with a score of less than 4/5, a Quotatis customer service team member is sent to contact both the individual and the tradesperson in order to assess the reasons for the score.

Every year, Quotatis’ portfolio of services is updated and the Bazaarvoice ratings are of course taken into account. Deceptive tradespeople may also be removed from the listings or their account may be suspended so that the reasons for the customer’s dissatisfaction can be examined. By enabling the services provided by Quotatis tradespeople to be rated, customer reviews have become a key indicator of performance for the company.



since the solution was introduced.

About the company

Quotatis, a start-up created in 1999 and having specialized in installation packages since 2018, is part of the Adeo Group. The Group is the third largest global player in home improvement, home living, tools and DIY for individuals and home improvement professionals.

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Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority. The ratings and reviews on our tradespeople's services are therefore of great value to us. To date, 70% of our tradespeople have ratings. The average rating is currently 4.7/5, a score we are particularly proud of and want to maintain.

Jacques Lorne

CEO of Quotatis

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