Showcase customer images and videos

Create beautiful product pages with visual content

Turn your biggest advocates into your best marketers. Source authentic content from users and influencers alike. Display it on your site with easy-to-build, customizable carousels and gallery pages that feature product tags, enabling your customers to discover new products. Celebrate the customers that love your products. Build brand affinity. And multiply your revenue.

Galleries powered by social media

Use social content to drive revenue on your site with Galleries

Use visual content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and more to build trust in a way that bolsters your own branded content. That’s why we see conversion rates increase by up to 150% when visitors interact with images displayed with Galleries. Integrate images and videos from customers, influencers, partners, and your own accounts throughout your site to help people envision your products in their lives. Professional and posed is out – creative and casual is in. Easily bring user-generated content (UGC) to your site with Bazaarvoice Galleries.

Inspire confidence

Real products on real people

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t stylists. Or interior decorators. Or gourmet chefs. Bummer. We can all use a bit of help envisioning products being used by real people in the real world. That’s where social content comes in. With Bazaarvoice’s UGC software, inspirational content doesn’t need to be stuck on social. Now, it can be easily integrated throughout your site to give your customers the confidence to buy.

Foster discovery

Bring inspiration to e-commerce with lifestyle content

You’ve got a lot to offer. But e-commerce platforms can make it difficult to browse your catalog. How can you get people to discover products of yours they never knew existed? Simple. With Bazaarvoice’s shoppable UGC website galleries. Inspire people to learn about products as they scroll through compelling images and videos. Lifestyle content creates thumb-stopping moments. Consumers stop scrolling and click to buy.

Increase loyalty

Celebrate your fans

You know what’s better than likes? Love. Shower your fans with the same love they show you by featuring the content they create on your site. Get ready to blush when you see their response. And don’t worry, you’ll even make your friends in legal happy with great UGC rights management workflows, facilitated by our content permissions engine.

Product features

Localized for shoppers, easy for you

As a trendsetting, globetrotting brand, we make it easy for you to provide localized experiences to shoppers. We determine a user’s location as they scroll through your Galleries and Like2Buy pages, and we serve them localized product info for their region. No more U.S. products appearing for French shoppers or British pound signs popping up for Canadian shoppers. Better experiences, happier shoppers.

Bulk rights requests for Instagram made easy

You need written permission to feature others’ social images and videos on your site. This can be time consuming and make record keeping unwieldy. Sounds painful. Requesting image rights becomes smarter and scalable with our bulk request workflow. Simply select the images you’d like – we leverage the Instagram API to send your request messages – and when the user approves, the images are automatically added to your Galleries. Customer rights upheld. Legal team happy.

Better site performance with lazy-loading galleries

No more website delays due to long photo gallery load times. One of the numerous ways we ensure galleries are optimized for the best performance is our lazy loading feature. With lazy loading enabled, your galleries are intelligently loaded only when they are ready to be used, reducing overall page weight. Website performance is a proven differentiator. It is a major reason why many leading e-commerce brands have Bazaarvoice Galleries on their sites.

Stay organized with Media Library

The Media Library is your main hub for collecting, publishing, and managing content across our social tools. View collected content, by users, and by team. Sort and tag content using Artificial Intelligence tools to help identify best-performing media. Save time, improve workflow, and legal compliance for your social media and social commerce programs.

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The state of social commerce

Social commerce isn’t just about making your feed shoppable, it’s about delighting shoppers in an engaging and inspirational shopping journey. In this webinar we explore how leading brands are leveraging social media, changing consumer behaviors, and defining the future of social commerce.

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