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Sell on Social. Sell with Social.

It’s no secret that social sells. Create the ultimate user journey — turn social content into shoppable experiences that drive sales — wherever shoppers are. Drive discovery of new products and convince users to buy with social proof. Our research shows up to a 380% increase in time on site and up to a 15% increase in average order value when customers interact with social content. People expect to see social content wherever they shop. Let them.

Customer content fueled by social

Increase on-site conversions with social galleries

Bazaarvoice Galleries let you display authentic social videos and photos posted by your advocates, so you can create beautiful, shoppable collections to showcase your products. We help you collect, curate, and manage content at scale — from getting content rights from social users and content creators to AI-based recommendations that help you tag products faster and more accurately. That’s why we see up to a 140% conversion increase on e-commerce sites when visitors interact with photos displayed with Bazaarvoice Galleries. Plus, with our newest capability of displaying ratings alongside products tagged in Bazaarvoice Galleries, our customers see up to 5x conversion.

Localized for shoppers, easy for you

Easily provide localized experiences to shoppers. Serve shoppers localized product info for their region. No more US products appearing for French shoppers or British pound signs popping up for Canadian shoppers. Better experiences, happier shoppers.

Automated content rights requests for Instagram

Requesting photo and video rights can be smarter and scalable with our intuitive workflow. Select the photos that represent your brand, and we’ll use the Instagram API to send your request messages. When the user approves, the photos are automatically added to your Bazaarvoice Galleries. Legal team happy.

Optimized for site performance

Stress less — with lazy loading enabled, your photo and video galleries are intelligently loaded only when they are ready to be used. It’s a major reason why many leading e-commerce brands have Bazaarvoice Galleries on their sites. E-commerce team at ease.


Create high-converting shopping experiences with lifestyle content

Bazaarvoice customers who optimize their product pages with authentic social proof see conversions skyrocket. Feature photos and videos from customers, influencers, and partners and drive up to a 172% increase in revenue per e-commerce session. Combine the power of social content and ratings and reviews on PDP and see a 3x increase in conversions — that’s what Bazaarvoice Visual Syndication Network power users see.

Tap into the creator economy

Supercharge social commerce with sampling

Need some extra buzz on social to get conversion-lifting content from communities and creators? Social content created by our Influenster community sampling campaigns is an ideal companion to any social commerce program. Through our social commerce dashboard, you can take advantage of sampling content and quickly make it shoppable across multiple channels. The dashboard lets you request rights, tag products, and manage the content created for your brand in the sampling campaigns. It also makes it simpler to organize and analyze the content, so you can make better data-driven decisions about which content is most on-brand and which should be promoted or syndicated to retailers.


Make it shoppable, make it measurable

Social Commerce analytics provide an easy way to measure the success of your content strategy on the channels that matter with the metric that matters most — revenue. Measure performance for all social efforts, marketing campaigns, and e-commerce displays, all in one place. Identify your top-performing content and creators and gain powerful competitor and influencer insights. Analyze top media by views, product clicks, and revenue attributed to each social post and gallery video or photo. When it’s time to review, easily export your results via email or PDF reports to celebrate your success with the team.


Reveal turns photos into action

Reveal turns any photo into an actionable experience, letting consumers discover and shop for the products they love by hovering over them. It’s the easiest way to drive commerce from your photos and videos. Drive traffic from the visual content on your blog, e-commerce site, and partner sites. Simple to set up, even simpler to use.


Stay on top of your social game with our experts

Running short on time? Or teammates? Bring your social commerce program to life, faster. Leverage our professional services and partner with a Social Commerce Strategist to guide the success of your program.

Transform your social strategy with a dedicated strategist

Your hands-on designated Social Commerce Strategist will guide the success of your program by helping you meet your program goals. You’ll get custom recommendations to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest features. Plus, your Strategist will provide access to exclusive pilot programs, give you best-in-class client inspiration, and share industry insights keeping you up to date with the latest social commerce trends.​

Save time by utilizing our professional services

Let us handle critical content management activities from tagging content with products, requesting and securing rights from social users, to publishing the approved content to your key commerce experiences. We win when you win, so let us help make your goldmine of social content shoppable everywhere your shoppers are.


Sell on social, sell with social

In this in-depth discussion on how to innovate your content and channel strategies in the world of social commerce, discover how you can save time and sell more on social, e-commerce, and retail channels.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Innovate past traditional takes on social commerce to expand your selling opportunities
  • Uncover the value of a social content-driven strategy
  • Offset your polished product photos with authentic user-generated and influencer content
  • Align your brand, e-commerce, and marketing teams around common content goals
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