Monetize social content

Create new ways to buy with social commerce

It’s no secret that social sells. Create the ultimate user journey and turn any social channel into a shoppable storefront. Activate influencers and leverage UGC in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Optimize e-commerce for discovery with a new breed of social marketing tools. And capture the 42% of online shoppers who use social networks for product research. People now expect to shop anywhere online. Let them.

Shoppable Instagram galleries

Make all of your content shoppable with Like2Buy

Drive traffic and revenue with your thumb-stopping images and videos on Instagram. Like2Buy is our link in bio solution, where your fans can browse your shoppable Instagram feed, read your stories, make a purchase, or take any other action you wish. Like2Buy is an Instagram storefront that performs. Referred visitors spend more time browsing on-site, view more pages, and have a greater average order value than the average mobile consumer.

Like2Buy was the first solution to bring shopping to Instagram – and it’s still the best.

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Connect with shoppers outside of Instagram

If a shopper has clicked your Like2Buy link, you know they’re interested in your products. Take the next step in your relationship – get their email address. Stay connected. Turn them into a buyer instead of a browser.

Retarget look-alike audiences to build relationships

Retarget shoppers who clicked your Like2Buy link in bio. Create look-alike audiences for your most engaged followers. Segment your social campaigns like a pro and build new audiences with ease. Keep building connections with shoppers and find new ones in the process.

Spotlight your top-performing content and campaigns

Win on Instagram. Pin high-performing posts or an ongoing campaign to the top of your feed – linking to category pages, campaigns, or another social media account. Enable email capture for your email marketing campaigns. Choose from different layout options for your images. Like2Buy offers additional customizations, allowing you to create a more branded experience on social.

Pop-up shop

Showroom turns anywhere into a storefront

Showroom lets you turn any image or video into a storefront. Now, your social media channels can do more than just drive engagement. They can introduce people to their next great find. Effortlessly. Walking the aisles of a store is easy. Browsing the “aisles” of an e-commerce site? Not so much. Showroom serves up AI-powered experiences centered around visual content that cause people to stumble upon things they never knew existed. Bounce rates drop dramatically, time on site increases substantially, and the number of products consumers take notice of skyrockets.

Click to discover

Reveal turns images into actions

Smarter images. Reveal turns any photo into an actionable experience, enabling consumers to discover and shop for the products they love by hovering over them. It’s the easiest way to drive commerce from your images and video. Drive traffic from the visual content on your blog, e-commerce site, and partner sites. Simple to set up, even simpler to use.

Sell everywhere on social

Drive discovery and inspire buying decisions

Bazaarvoice social commerce tools provide a digital commerce breakthrough, bringing an incredible discovery and shopping experience to virtually any marketing channel you can think of – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, email, website, and more. It works like a charm and gives marketers a completely new way to engage their audiences and drive value from their work – all with no ongoing involvement from your IT team.

Sell more on social

The state of social commerce

In this in-depth discussion on how to innovate your content and channel strategies in the world of social commerce, discover how you can save time and sell more on social, e-commerce, and retail channels.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Innovate past traditional takes on social commerce to expand your selling opportunities
  • Uncover the value of a social content-driven strategy
  • Offset your polished product photos with authentic user-generated and influencer content
  • Align your brand, e-commerce, and marketing teams around common content goals
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