Elevate brand awareness

Sampling programs made smarter

An engaged community of shoppers. Generating user-generated content (UGC) that inspires confidence. Driving discovery. Providing actionable insights. Sounds like a dream, right? When you work with Bazaarvoice, it’s reality. Increase your conversion at retail and engage more shoppers on your product pages by displaying UGC everywhere they’re browsing. Text-based reviews, social media posts, photos, and video — do it all in one solution.

Target your ideal customer

The Bazaarvoice Advantage

We match you with a hyper-targeted segment of shoppers from our 7.5M+ strong Influenster community to generate the content you need. With over 900 data points and community members in 30+ countries, engage with the largest network of product reviewers. We’re here for every part of the product lifecycle – from tried and true to brand new.

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Lifetime value ROI

One sampling campaign, multiple payoffs

Sampling works. Don’t take our word for it. We surveyed over 6,000 Influenster community members who told us so. These engaged shoppers have taken part in sampling campaigns, and here’s what they did:

  • 63% purchased the product they sampled
  • Of those, 97% purchased at least one additional product from the brand
  • 87% recommended the product/brand to friends and family
  • 50% said the product became a new favorite/staple in their life
  • 50% followed the brand on social media
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Product launches

Launch with content on day one

Launch smarter. No one wants to buy a new product until they know people like it. Collect reviews and feedback from your community before you launch with a sampling campaign. Meet shoppers where they are — whether it be in-store, on social media, or on your website — and show up armed with reviews, photos, and videos. When Burt’s Bees announced its new cosmetics line, it launched with 300+ reviews and a glowing 4.48-star rating. Build up and sustain excitement across social media with ample UGC on day one.

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Support core products

Reignite and refresh core SKUs

UGC recency matters. 81% of consumers consider review recency equal to or more important than the quality of reviews on a product. In fact, 58% of consumers would rather purchase a product with fewer, but more recent reviews. Revitalize advocacy for your brand’s core products with sampling. Identify legacy products that could use an injection of fresh content and launch a sampling campaign. For example, French luxury skincare company Clarins revitalized its anti-aging products by using sampling to collect 138 reviews in just 36 days.

Combat fake reviews for product reformulations

Reformulate your product, not your recipe for success

With the introduction of the FTC’s review hijacking legislation, reformulating your product isn’t just about tweaking its features. It’s about ushering it into the market as if it’s an entirely new line. This evolving regulatory landscape presents unique challenges, including the daunting task of resetting your review count and content collection to zero. But instead of seeing this as a setback, look at this as your brand’s new starting line.

Reinvent, reformulate, re-engage. Trust us to amplify your product’s new story.

Webinar: Navigating the FTC regulations
positive sentiment dashboard

Turn consumer feedback into insights for R&D

Imagine this not as a hurdle, but as a slate wiped clean. Past feedback isn’t forgotten – it’s the blueprint. Address the reasons for reformulating first, and in your product description, show how you’ve improved using valuable UGC insights. This isn’t just a change in positioning—it’s proof your brand listened to shoppers, adapted, and grew.
product sampling package

Make the journey from reformulation to reintroduction seamless

Position your updated product directly in the spotlight, activating both loyal enthusiasts and potential new fans to become advocates. Why reintroduce in whispers when you can make a grand, applause-worthy re-entry? With our approach, you’re not merely presenting a revamped product—you’re launching on day one with authentic content that instills trust and inspires.

Redefine the rules of engagement on reformulation

Reformulation isn’t just about tweaking ingredients or designs. It’s about bringing your product back to consumers with a promise that you’ve made it better. Navigate the new FTC review landscape with confidence by capturing content from consumers that accurately reflects the latest version of your product and inspires consumer trust.

Good things happen when you sample with Bazaarvoice

Look at all of these real consumers creating authentic UGC for products they’ve received through our sampling campaigns. Supercharge your next product launch with Bazaarvoice.

Product development

Learn from shopper feedback

Sell products you know shoppers want to buy by learning how to talk to your customer’s language. Collect meaningful feedback before you launch, so you can make pre-launch improvements like TIKI Brand did when launching its Clean Burn Tabletop Fireplaces. Or, use sampling to understand how shoppers feel about products that have been on the market for a hot minute. Our sampling campaigns give community members a chance to share meaningful feedback. Which results in in-depth reporting that aids in improved marketing messaging, product development, and discovering new market opportunities.

Enter new markets

Expand into the next frontier

Whether you want to expand into a new market geographically or reach a new demographic of shoppers, we can help get you there. Thinking about expanding beyond your country? With our Influenster community boasting members from over 30 countries, it’s easier than ever. Our community and network offer a lot of opportunities to get shoppers excited, everywhere.

Multi-locale activation

Sample in multiple markets at once

Thanks to the internet, the sky’s the limit for your brand. Reach multiple locales at once. Want to reach five or six countries in a single campaign? No problemo. Our sampling campaigns can provide one seamless experience. All thanks to our reach.

Bazaarvoice Deals

Trial more products, ship fewer samples

Sampling is a great way to get fresh reviews and user generated content (UGC) for your brand. But we know that some products — like perishables, alcohol, and large items — aren’t easy to ship.

Bazaarvoice Deals makes it possible to get any product — even hard-to-ship ones — into your customers’ hands. We’ll target the right shoppers and drive traffic in store or online to your brand store or a retailer of your choice. With reduced shipping and shorter campaign timelines, you’ll have the UGC you need in a snap.

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