Digital product sampling

Trial more products, ship fewer samples

With our digital product sampling solution, it’s easy to get your products into the hands of your ideal customer. Target and activate the right shoppers, drive traffic in-store or online, and build buzz for your products — all without shipping any samples.

Grow awareness,
no matter what you sell

Generate reviews and social content for any product, even ones that are hard to ship. Create custom coupon codes or let Bazaarvoice do the work for you.

Perishable products

Food and beverage items that require refrigeration

Large and bulky items

Products that are too big, heavy, or awkward to ship


Clothing that requires custom sizing and styles


Beverages that have shipping restrictions and require age verification

Drive traffic where you need it

Sampling has never been more flexible. Send shoppers in-store or online to a specific retailer or your e-commerce website. Get reviews for all your product pages or grow awareness on your favorite social platform.

Digital product sampling online in-store

Breathe easy with fewer fulfillment challenges

  • Save money by trimming down shipping costs
  • Avoid the pains of warehouse limitations
  • Spend less time planning inventory specific to sampling
  • Reduce fulfillment workflows to get content faster
Fewer fulfillment challenges with digital product sampling

Create lifetime customers

Build an experience that drives positive sentiment for your brand.

  • Offer shoppers discounts upfront, and avoid the headaches that come with reimbursement activations
  • Cut down on boxes and shipping to align with customers’ desire to shop sustainably
Create a lifetime customer

Here’s how the in-app experience works

The Bazaarvoice Influenster app makes opt-ins and redemptions for digital product sampling a piece of cake, so you get the most consumer engagement — and ROI — out of every campaign. Tap into a community of 8 million global shoppers to activate the right audience to create the user-generated content (UGC) you need.

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