AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 29, 2018 – Bazaarvoice, Inc. today announced enhancements to Bazaarvoice Sampling services to help brands and retailers accelerate review collection, boost sales across retail channels and launch new products with confidence.

Since introducing its sampling services, Bazaarvoice has managed sampling campaigns for hundreds of global brands and retailers. Participating companies can collect reviews before new products launch, grow review volume, distribute authentic reviews to retail websites in the Bazaarvoice Network and generate up to 90 percent review conversion rate from their sampling programs. Sampling products to engaged communities also helps brands connect with consumers, hear their honest feedback and reward loyal brand advocates.

“Online reviews are critical for brands and retailers in today’s omnichannel shopping environment. Three in four online shoppers read reviews before buying more than half of their purchases,” said Joe Davis, CEO of Bazaarvoice. “In a recent study, we found that consumers find organically-generated and incentivized reviews equally credible, so brands and retailers should be proactive about collecting reviews in different ways.”

“We knew reviews could be insurance for new products, and that early qualitative feedback and star ratings would ensure a smooth transition into a new category for Burt’s Bees,” said Taylor Steele, Assistant E-commerce Manager at Burt’s Bees. “We had an issue where our in-house sampling program wasn’t as effective as we might have liked. It was time-consuming and very costly. Bazaarvoice’s solution addressed all the issues we had with our own and at a much lower cost.”

Bazaarvoice Sampling services offer brands and retailers:

  • Active communities: Bazaarvoice can match products with active consumers from its global TryIt Community to send samples and jumpstart review collection, or brands can empower their existing customers and brand advocates to write product reviews by inviting them to a custom white label sampling program
  • Fulfillment services: Bazaarvoice has partnered with industry-leading shipment and fulfillment providers to offer an end-to-end sampling service. After receiving initial units from brand clients, Bazaarvoice will completely handle logistics, integration, product tracking, user support and distribution.
  • Unrivaled scale: Bazaarvoice Sampling clients can extend the reach of their hard-earned reviews through the Bazaarvoice Network, which includes the world’s top retailers, representing two-thirds of the IR100 in North America and nearly half of the IR100 in Europe. Each month, Bazaarvoice syndicates more than 750,000 new pieces of content and reaches more than a billion shoppers.
  • Authentic, high-quality content: To maintain consumer trust and ensure all review content meets the highest quality and authenticity standards, all content in the Bazaarvoice Network undergoes moderation. In a typical month, Bazaarvoice moderates on average 4.6 million reviews and prevents more than 100,000 fraudulent reviews a month.

Bazaarvoice Sampling services are available to brands in North America and Europe. Learn more about Bazaarvoice Sampling services here.


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Bazaarvoice connects brands and retailers to consumers, so that every shopping experience feels personal. From search and discovery to purchase and advocacy, Bazaarvoice’s solutions reach in-market shoppers, personalize their experiences, and give them the confidence to buy. Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than 900 million consumers and share authentic content including reviews, questions and answers, and social photos across 5,700 brand and retail websites. Across the network, Bazaarvoice captures data that powers high-efficiency digital advertising and personalization with unmatched relevance.

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